Party distances itself from Titford

ALLAN TITFORD: Sentenced to 24 years' jail on 39 charges.
ALLAN TITFORD: Sentenced to 24 years' jail on 39 charges.

A newly-formed political party is distancing itself from sex offender Allan Titford following his criminal convictions.

Established in June, 1 Law 4 All has policies of abolishing the Waitangi Tribunal and removing all race-based seats and positions in central and local government.

Former Northland farmer Titford, who last month unsuccessfully ran for mayor of the Far North District Council, was on Wednesday sentenced to 24 years jail on 39 charges, three of them involving sexual violation.

Titford was a poster boy for the party's policies after he fought a high-profile land battle over his farm at Maunganui Bluff, near Dargaville.

His case was still on the party's website today, in the form of a blog post by Mike Butler.

Butler likened Titford's dispute with the Waitangi Tribunal and local iwi as "just like the Deep South in the United States, with the white farmer treated like a pre-civil rights black."

Butler said Titford was the victim of abuse at the hands of land claimants and that they had burned his house down.

Titford was found guilty of arson in relation to the incident.

Following that news and the stories from court of Titford's treatment of his wife, 1 Law 4 All party president Tom Johnson said they would be reviewing the place of the post on the website.

"We are in the process of revamping the website, completely unrelated to this.

"I haven't talked to the other members but I imagine that [removing the content] would be the likelihood.

"As a party we don't condone criminal activity at all."

One person who was standing by Titford was long-time friend and controversial author Martin Doutre.

An injustice had been done, he said.

Doutre had known Titford since 1998 and toured with him in 2009 on the Treaty 2U roadshow disputing the validity of Treaty of Waitangi claims.

He wrote a book, Ancient Celtic New Zealand, which claimed Maori were not the first to inhabit New Zealand, rather a band of Celts made their way from Europe to New Zealand 5000 years ago but were killed off by Maori.