Beehive Live

Beehive Live: July 25

david cunliffe and john key

It's been a week of apologies, valedictories and late resignations. Our politics team is live from the Beehive.

Beehive Live: Brownlee reaction

gerry brownlee

Live reaction to Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee's airport security breach and offer of resignation.

Beehive Live: July 23

Claudette Hauiti

The house is sitting again, and the first of many valedictory speeches are given. Many.

Beehive Live: July 22

david cunliffe and john key

We're back in the house today after two weeks recess, who will win the battle for one-liners?

Beehive Live: July 21


The Beehive's winding back up as we enter the penultimate sitting week before the house rises.

Beehive Live July 20

winston peters

We're at day two of the NZ First conference and Winston is centre stage - just the way he likes it.

Beehive Live: July 19

colin craig

It's a party conference double bill. We bring you updates from the Conservatives and NZ First.

Beehive Live: July 18

David Cunliffe

Where to for Labour from here? We roll out more of our Poll results.

Beehive Live: July 17

David Cunliffe talking

Reaction and analysis of our latest poll results - which would have caused heart palpitations at Labour.

Beehive Live: July 16

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom threatens a pre-election bomb, and an MP slips up on her Parliamentary P card.

Beehive Live: July 15, 2014

The apparent political interference over Kim Dotcom's residency and a goal to have all children fluent in Te Reo.

Beehive Live: July 14

Brazil embasssy football

We watch the political fallout of the World Cup result, because really, what else is there?

Beehive Live: July 11

Winston Peters

Would you like some ice with your morning run Prime Minister? And why so angry Winston?

Beehive Live: July 10


Bare-chested Brash, Mallard's got the moves, and Goff's got a mo' in this politics flashback.

Beehive Live: July 9

Bill english

Labour announces a new IT chief officer to advise the Prime Minister, and the Finance Minister can't believe his luck at the timing of a positive credit outlook revision.

Beehive Live: July 8


Was our whaling message strong enough? And is David Cunliffe still sorry for being a man?

Beehive Live: July 7


New Zealand hosts Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and we look at reaction to Labour's education policy.

Beehive Live: July 6

Labour Party

A special edition of Beehive Live as we bring you day two of the Labour Party annual conference.

Beehive Live: July 5

David Cunliffe

A special edition of Beehive Live, as we cover day one of the Labour Party annual conference.

Beehive Live: July 4

beehive parliament

Labour announces its matcher for domestic violence policy and we reflect on the week that was.

Beehive Live: July 3


Is Murray McCully a dead ringer for Elton John? What other celeb doppelgangers do our MPs have?

Beehive Live: July 2

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail

MFAT boss fronts media as Malaysian diplomat saga continues to unfold. Live updates here.

Beehive Live: July 1


Were SAS soldiers involved in mission that killed Afghan civilians? We follow this story closely.

Beehive Live: June 30

Gerry Brownlee

The struggle to get Gerry Brownlee on the #TeamKey train, and we remember David Cunliffe's locomotive analogies.

Beehive Live: June 29

John Key

A special edition of Beehive Live, bringing you day two of the Annual National Party Conference.

Beehive Live: June 28

John Key

A special edition for this weekends event: Annual National Party Conference

Beehive Live: June 27

NZ money, cash

A day for reflection on donations, allowances, perks and budgets. Then our own wallets ahead of the weekend... Oh dear.

Beehive Live: June 26

Nick Smith

Will MPs get $41k housing allowance? And we pick up on the paid parental leave debate.

Beehive Live: June 25

david cunliffe

Labour leader David Cunliffe revises his opposition to drilling in Maui's Dolphin habitats, and releases an alternative budget.

Beehive Live: June 24

Peter Dunne

Shane Jones isn't afraid to "bang heads", and Peter Dunne details his decision to ban pyschoactive substances.

Beehive Live: June 23

Colin Craig

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has played his hand, will National fold? Meanwhile, Labour announces its list and the political leaders give us their picks on the Fifa World Cup.

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