Police errors: who carries the can?

Last updated 14:10 25/10/2012

Have been listening very hard this morning, but am still to hear anyone utter the word ''accountability'' in relation to the cases where the courts have thrown out charges because of police errors.

Now it is not immediately clear who should carry the can, but at the moment it is still sitting lost and lonely in the garden shed.

The need for some accountability is pretty clear.

A bunch of gang members, charged with drug and firearms offences, have had their cases put on ice - with a strong chance they will be thrown out for good - because the police screwed up by arranging a fake arrest and prosecution of an undercover policeman in what the judge called a fundamental and serious abuse of the court's processes.

Has there been any disciplinary action taken within the police?

Has the commissioner taken responsibility? Any action?

Has the commissioner reported to Police Minister Anne Tolley on what actions he has taken?

Has Anne Tolley explained to the prime minister how she is holding the police to account? 

And while we are at it, where are the thundering demands for accountability from Opposition MPs?

Silence there too.

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