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MMP Referendum

Peters wary of changes

Winston Peters


John Key says MMP is a "weird" system and Winston Peters is warning any changes to it must keep extremists out of parliament.

First tally shows support for MMP


First results from the MMP referendum show strong backing for keep the current voting system.

Con : Should we stick with MMP?

Jordan Williams

MMP has replaced winner-takes-all results with a bidding war every three years between National and Labour for the votes of a small party to form a government. The tail wags the dog.

Pro: Should we stick with MMP?

Sandra Grey

New Zealanders are coming down on the side of voting to keep MMP and kicking the tyres to see how we can make it work better.

Yes to MMP, other options confuse

VOTING FOR VOTING: Referendum will ask voters to choose between keeping or getting rid of MMP.

While most people want to retain MMP, some do not feel informed enough to choose between other options, polling shows.

Referendum will back status quo, experts

voting station election

The anti-MMP campaign has resurrected itself with a fresh new face, but experts believe voters will keep the current electoral system.

MMP referendum: the options

voting paper

The battle for change in the electoral system has begun. Experts predict MMP is safe, but Kate Chapman looks at the options.

Writing's on the wall for MMP referendum

VOTING FOR VOTING: Referendum will ask voters to choose between keeping or getting rid of MMP.

A group of prominent New Zealand authors, including Margaret Mahy and C K Stead, have come out in support of retaining MMP.

Explaining the MMP referendum


New Zealanders have been voting under MMP since 1996, and this year they will get the chance to say how they think it's going.

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