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John's gone so the fun has to stop

John Key may leave a legacy of having been a popular and moderate PM, but he's failed to help advance the causes of many ...

OPINION: Why Key's legacy is that he wasn't as insane as some previous National leaders.

'Dear John, you left us before we could leave you'

Like John Key, Bill English is hard-working and committed. More than Key, he is conscientious and principled. He may be ...

OPINION: Legacy? That's not what it's about. Others may aspire to change the world; John Key sought to manage the small change.

Mostly cheesy and crunchy

Celebrity cook Annabel Langbein's creativity with scones was one of the few things to stop 2016 being a complete washout ...

Opinion: Scones were the only things that stopped this year from being the absolute pits.

Big on sales, low on strategy

Prime Minister John Key's economic legacy will be defined by the response to the Global Financial Crisis, says Rod Oram.

John Key's economic legacy is defined by his response to the biggest, most fundamental changes in the global economy ever.

'Agonising' wait for safe roads

After an accident and countless near misses, Umawera School principal Christine Gilmore and students, including Bayleigh ...

Every morning, teachers and parents hold their breath as the bus loaded with young children pulls into Umawera School.

On the road with the ghost of John Key

Max Key and father, in an Instagram selfie. Note the conifers in back of shot.

We make a pilgrimage to the holy sites of the John Key legend

Bill English holds support while he's strong

He's got the power and the support - but it's not unconditional.

Bill English firmly holds the power. But is it as absolute as Key's? Not a chance.

What I want from our new Prime Minister

Prime Minister John Key, seen here with wife Bronagh and son Max, always said he would resign before he raised the ...

OPINION: Tax cuts and an increase in the superannuation age must be among the priorities for new leader.

GCSB Intercepts on the leadership challenge

The Waihopai Spy Base in Marlborough.

The spoof spy agency was listening in to the tumultuous political events of the past week.

2700 in jail – yet not convicted video

A prisoner at a low-security unit in Spring Hill Prison on the phone.

Judith Collins sees them as a triumph. Bill English calls them 'a fiscal and moral failure'. We go inside New Zealand's bloated prisons to talk to those who know best.

'Quite a 6 days' video

The country's next deputy Prime Minister is "Westie" Paula Bennett.

As a 17-year-old solo mum, Paula Bennett never thought she'd end up being deputy PM. But this week that all changed.

Of goats and men

John Key quitting shocked the country.

OPINION: What does the tasering of a goat have to do with the PM quitting? A lot, writes Michele A'Court.

The law is indeed an 'ass'

Horowhenua mayor Michael Feyen says the law is an ass.

OPINION: Somehow, our lawmakers managed not to imagine that a mayor might be keen to stick with their original choice of deputy.

Bitter Bill's a better man now

Bill English will be next PM.

OPINION: English may be dull, but he's no longer angry, says Duncan Garner.

Undone by a stray 's'

SATIRE: Red-faced sub-editors at the New Zealand Herald may have been responsible for the nation's biggest political story of the year.

Key's enduring legacy

The outgoing PM has left the nation flabbergasted.

OPINION: Madonna-fying the right may be Key's biggest impact on politics, writes Jeremy Elwood.

The big political reset

Bill English is prime minister by caucus vote - can he do it by public vote next year?

OPINION: This time last week John Key was on his way to an election win. Then the big 2016 bombshell happened.

Flipping politicians video

Guess who? Your new PM.

How do you pick a PM? Set your board for prime ministerial Guess Who.

Ringing the changes

The political relationship between John Key and Bill English was one of our most enduring.

Will John Key's watch my lips promise on pensions survive the new regime?

Smiles and selfies for PM's farewell video

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key posing for selfies with staff at the new tourist information hub in the Arts Centre.

A wedding, the Parker fight and clearing Bill's new office on John Key's weekend to-do list.

Satire loses its best subject

Sometimes satirists have had to work hard to find the humour in John Key's reign. Other times the jokes just write ...

OPINION: Ben Uffindell, the writer behind satire site The Civilian, mourns the loss of his best source of fake news stories.

The day of the Deputy PM

Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett have been battling it out this week for the deputy leadership of the National Party.

The leadership is a forgone conclusion but all eyes are now fixed on the deputy race.

Who's the biggest Westie? video

Paula Bennett in 2009 with her distinctive electorate car.

The race for deputy prime minister is also a battle of the west.

Concert liquor licence approved

The Gibbston Valley concert in 2015.

Good news for those wanting to have a quiet beer at this summer's Gibbston Valley Summer concert.

Waiheke gets up to speed

Communications Minister Amy Adams said UFB on Waiheke was exciting for businesses.

Auckland haven no longer on island time, now that ultra-fast broadband has been rolled out on Waiheke.

Does English work without Key?

Can Bill English find his X-factor? We'll soon find out.

John Key was the showman, Bill English the worker. If there's X factor there, he needs it now.

'Powerful and unelected'

John Key's chief of staff Wayne Eagleson, far right, seen playing golf with his boss, has been hired as English's chief ...

Incoming PM Bill English hires John Key's chief of staff as his own right-hand man in a show of continuity.

The high cost to political families video

The families of prime ministers have become part of political life.

OPINION: Spare a thought for John Key's family: Was his eight years in power worth the sacrifice?

Legal cannabis in NZ?

Marijuana plants for sale at the California Heritage Market in Los Angeles, California. The Green Party wants regulated ...

The Greens are pushing for changes to the laws around marijuana, saying New Zealand needs to catch up with the rest of the world.

Below the Beltway

The country's new Prime Minister - Bill English.

Who is up and who is down in politics?

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