Genuine giveaways but still too little

Max Rashbrooke.

OPINION: The Budget provides some genuine giveaways but the true value of the additional spending needs to be weighed against adjustments for inflation and for population growth.

Election-year cake with a cherry on top

Finance Minister Steven Joyce speaks during the 2017 budget presentation at Parliament on May 25.

OPINION: Two-billion dollar family incomes package will mean more money in the kitty for more than a million households.

Cash splash but no new thinking

Mike Williams.

OPINION: National lets opportunity for some creative policies go begging.

Yay, it's a boring Budget

Steven Joyce's Budget won't win a lot of votes, but it won't lose them either.

OPINION: Steven Joyce's first Budget is the best kind; conservative and not unpopular.

Budget for regular Kiwis

Wyatt Creech

OPINION: Some welcome health and education boosts after the austere Budget caps in place since 2008 have chipped away at vital services.

Budget: Back-pocket gains

Wayne Mapp.

OPINION: The Joyce Budget is intended to show National is the only logical choice to be government.

Budget just a taster

Steven Joyce rules out election year 'lolly scramble' in upcoming budget

OPINION: It's a "wait there's more" Budget - with the extra goodies due for release at election time.

Election bribe 8 years in the making

Minister of Finance Steven Joyce delivers the Budget 2017 to journalists and economists at the Beehive.

OPINION: Finance Minister Steven Joyce shows he's a cunning campaign manager, writes Tracy Watkins.

Housing crisis clash at the polls video

NZ's housing crisis now extends beyond Auckland.

Generation rent's quarter-acre dream has been largely crushed. But will anger over that influence the election?

Labour's alternative budget

Grant Robertson

OPINION: Warm housing, a fit for purpose education system and proper funding of health would be priorities in a Labour Budget.

Public watchdog in unique position

Martin Matthews - standing down to preserve the integrity of the office.

OPINION: Martin Matthews' position as Auditor-General had become untenable

The election Budget: Three for the price of one

Finance Minister Steven Joyce will deliver his first Budget on Thursday.

OPINION: You'll hear a lot of talk over the next few days about Thursday's "election year" Budget.

Busting the tax mythbusting

Eric Crampton.

OPINION: It's no myth that at least 40 per cent of households pay no net taxes.

To tip's not the question video

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett is calling for Kiwis to tip hospitality staff more often, in an effort to increase ...

OPINION: Tipping culture is a false economy, holds back minimum wage reform and doesn't do anyone any favours.

We're destroying our democracy

Voter turnout in NZ keeps falling.

ANALYSIS: Plummeting voter turnout shows we've alienated the "missing million" - and risk losing an entire generation.

Coming clean on water

Smaller rivers and lakes are not necessarily covered by the Government's latest proposals, says the Land and Water Forum.

OPINION: It is crystal clear that more than just Clean Water proposals will be needed if New Zealand is to meet the expectations of its citizens on water quality and use.

The risk of National backing the 'cargo-cult' TPPA

New Zealand's Trade Minister Todd McClay is mobbed by reporters at the end of the meeting TPP11 (gathering all ...

OPINION: An alliance against the TPPA would warn the political class that its participation in such absurd cargo cult rituals must end.

Budget Day democracy at work

Voters perceive the budget affects them more than other Government business does.

OPINION: The Budget is an exercise of democratic power, writes Liam Hehir.

Keeping the sex industry at arm's length

The stigma is still there, the argument being that just because something is legal, it doesn't necessarily make it right.

OPINION: Why is Work and Income still being quince-faced about posting situations vacant for employment in the sex industry?

In the Trump era, Winston wins video

NZ First Leader Winston Peters could benefit massively from the anti-establishment movements around the world.

ANALYSIS: How could the voter backlash that brought in Trump and Brexit affect our election?

Despots and lolly scrambles, it's election year

Does Finance Minister Steven Joyce have a lucky budget day tie? We'll find out Thursday, along with how he (also as ...

OPINION: The treasure chest is about to open. What election year surprises await?

Cigarettes: lucrative, dangerous contraband

CCTV footage of an aggravated robbery at the Kingsford Superette in Mangere, south Auckland.

OPINION: Is it time for dairies and service stations to remove tobacco from their shelves to avoid armed robberies?

Steven Joyce's budget wildcard?

Finance Minister Steven Joyce - poised to deliver his first budget

OPINION: The Government looks increasingly like it is the one with its head buried in the sand. Could budget day change all that?

Lolz from the PM's Twitter fed

SATIRE: Hello @everyone Bill English twittering at you.

Charity status is murky

Family First national director Bob McCoskrie thinks his organisation is being punished by the Government.

OPINION: is Family First really being punished for its politics?

Garner: Stick to plain English, PM video

The infamous home-cooked pizza.

OPINION: Bill English has clearly been told to dig around for a personality - and promote it on social media. The results aren't good.

Busting tax myths

While bracket creep is rightly characterised as "a tax increase by stealth", successive governments – left and right – ...

Opinion: Keith Ng discusses four popular tax myths, in an extract from a new PSA booklet on topics in tax policy and practice, to be launched on Monday.

Below the beltway - fun at recess

Andrew Little and Labour's finance spokesman Grant Robertson

OPINION: Amy Adams gets the plaudits for policy some say she nicked and James Shaw ends up with egg on his face.

Foreign student fiction

Playing the education game: Foreign student education in New Zealand is based on pretend.

OPINION: Why would you decide to educate your teenagers in a foreign country with a very different language?

Expo = exports and expansion

The queue for New Zealand's pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010.

OPINION: World expos are a profitable way of selling the best of New Zealand.

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