Fire-fighting fit on all fronts

Damage to the Christchurch Adventure Park from last month's widespread Port Hills fire.

OPINION: The unified Fire and Emergency Management service will be flexible enough to cope with the risks and needs of different communities.

A wider outlook on war

Collective displays of memory and patriotism mark Anzac Day in the 21st century.

OPINION: Anzac Day serves as a day to acknowledge our fallen, but perhaps we should also acknowledge some other imperatives.

Public radio at its finest

Sir Geoffrey Palmer, one of three prime ministers featured so far on RNZ's The 9th Floor.

OPINION: RNZ mighht be too full of itself sometimes, but The 9th Floor is excellent.

Brownlee's promotion the easy call video

Gerry Brownlee has been handed the foreign minister's job vacated by Murray McCully.

OPINION: The tougher and more "political" call in Monday's reshuffle was Nick Smith's demotion.

Brownlee's paradoxical legacy

Then Prime Minister John Key, Gerry Brownlee and then Mayor Bob Parker before they entered the tent city in Latimer ...

Six and a half years after it started, one of the more remarkable tenures in New Zealand politics is over.

Ditching deciles fine in theory

Outgoing Education Minister Hekia Parata wants to replace the school decile system.

OPINION: Hekia Parata's "big data" revolution holds promise - as well as risks.

Politics trumps economics

Aged care workers won a landmark legal case for higher wages this week.

OPINION: There is no shortage of unskilled people willing to be aged-care workers and their wages are comparatively pathetic.

Why election campaigns aren't what they used to be

This is how it's done. Winston Peters never left the hustings.

OPINION: Everything else is changing so fast these days. Why not election campaigns as well?

A pay rise for the ages

Telani Esene, left, Kristine Bartlett and Eneata Apineru celebrate the historic pay equity settlement in Wellington.

Workers win a pay increase and Britain prepares for chaos.

Immigration policy a disgrace

A immigrant worker is happy to do work New Zealanders scorn.

OPINION: Vast sectors of our economy would collapse without immigrants but do we really need them?

One-size-fits-all fire-fighting model unfair

The rural fire that spread over Christchurch's Port Hills in February. The current arrangement for dealing with fires in ...

OPINION: Putting fire and risk management under one umbrella won't bring the expected benefits but will see costs soar.

No case for compulsory voting

Being uninterested in politics is rational - any one voter's choice is virtually inconsequential.

OPINION:  There is little reason to think New Zealand's democracy needs saving by coercing people to vote.

Editorial: Surface changes on immigration

Record-high immigration levels have put a strain on infrastructure, especially housing.

OPINION: The Government's latest tweaks don't answer the bigger concerns about immigration.

Immigration: More or less desirable?

NZ First leader Winston Peters has been heckling for decades about immigration levels.

OPINION: Immigration - can't do without it, struggle to live with it.

Inching forward on fixing immigration video

New Zealand takes in more new permanent residents than almost any and yet we have one of the poorest productivity ...

OPINION: The Government is right to curb the number of low-skilled migrants, but it doesn't go far enough.

Solving the super dilemma

Today an increased number of older people have considerable savings and income beyond New Zealand superannuation.

OPINION: The debate about superannuation seems to focus solely on the age of eligibility. Equally important is how to limit the amount paid to those who do not need state support.

Brexit's impact on New Zealand

British Prime Minister Theresa May took the UK's top job in the wake of the Brexit referendum.

OPINION: NZ's pro-remain attitude reflects a maturing relationship with the UK and EU.

Can I please have some answers?

Early childhood teacher with children, pre-school, kindergarten, generic, reading. Photo: 123rf.com

OPINION: Blenheim woman Kia King has some questions for our government departments.

Robertson ponders Reserve Bank review

Damien Grant: Grant Robertson is unlikely to believe anything I have to say. I understand that. Not even my wife ...

OPINION: The Reserve Bank's credibility was expensive to obtain, but could be lost cheaply, writes Damien Grant.

Full-blooded or bloody-minded?

Maori Television's Native Affairs presenter Oriini Kaipara was happy to learn she was "full-blooded Maori" but says that ...

OPINION: A DNA testing firm touts for business from the lost and lonely by connecting them to history – and to a creepy racial ideology

Porn addiction a health issue

Alison Mau says New Zealand could learn from moves Canada is making to regulate porn.

OPINION: Countries all over the world are now scrambling to deal with porn dependency, so why aren't we?

Economics for bunnies

David Slack: Bill English has that look. You can talk to him and it can feel as though he's listening, but when you look ...

OPINION: David Slack draws a line from John Clarke to your new $80,000 bathroom.

Syria shows perils of a lawless world

Robert Patman.

OPINION: New Zealand must try to constrain the veto-powers of the permanent five group on the Security Council.

Policing and mental health

It's a dangerous job, and there are both physical and mental health risks to carrying it out. For that reason, the ...

OPINION: My dad the cop showed me how tough policing can be - physically and mentally.

Trading laws no longer relevant

Are Easter trading laws a remnant of a bygone era?

OPINION: Do Easter trading laws have a place in modern New Zealand society?

Silly old Bill English's humble hero social media strategy

SATIRE: Andrew Gunn stumbles across a top secret social media strategy calendar for PM Bill English.

The Andrew and Jacinda roadshow video

Labour leader Andrew Little and deputy Jacinda Ardern have just finished up their heartland tour.

Labour's heartland meetings are drawing bigger crowds than the party has seen in a long while. So what's changed?

Roll on the trailer parks

Village Trailer Park in Santa Monica, California. The homes are mobile but are going nowhere.

OPINION: Just maybe, trailer parks are the answer to housing those in New Zealand who otherwise end up on the streets.

Long, hard work ahead to restore waterways

Lake Forsyth, seen here in a 2016 photo, has been in poor health for many years.

OPINION: For some waterways, reaching "desired outcomes" in cleaning up rivers and lakes is simply not going to happen in the lifetimes of most of us.

Monetary policy: A bit of a Dagg

John Clarke's reflections on monetary and fiscal policy - like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

OPINION: What do monetary policy and Fred Astaire have in common, asks Vernon Small.

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