Budget for 'Mad Men' of politics

Something to crow about - Prime Minister John Key and Finance Minister Bill English after Thursday's budget.

Long on slogans, short on excitement. That's the 2016 budget.

Crusade against smoking continues

14042016. 123rf.
Stock Photo - one caucasian man portrait smoking cigarette silhouette in studio isolated white ...

There is now a united front in New Zealand against smoking.

Let's think about 2038, not 2017

27052016 News Photo:Lawrence Smith/Fairfax NZ
Prime Minister John Key gives a post budget speech at the Trans-Tasman ...

OPINION: I'm 23, and I know super isn't going to survive until I retire - unless we change it soon.

Garner: Labour's little traction

if the headlines are right and John Key is at his 'most unpopular' … then why is Andrew Little doing so badly?

Andrew Little has had a poor year and some Labour MPs are already resigned to him losing the next election.

The dysfunctional are exasperating

Fine words at the Auckland March for Moko but action is harder.

We have to help but don't expect us to like it.

Boost for ailing health system

generic doctor with a stethoscope, 5/2/2001 AFR picture by greg newington 13/01/2006 138310 australian financial review ...

OPINION: It's a good Budget boost to the health system. But $2.2b won't fix everything.

Williams: What housing crisis?

Extra spending beyond health and education was restrained - and leaves Bill English with some shots in his locker for a ...

OPINION: This Budget shows the Government is blinded by its own poll success, says former Labour Party president Mike Williams.

The 2016 Budget – anything new?

budget 2016 defcon x splash

OPINION: It's that time of the year again when Finance Minister Bill English tells us how he is going to spend our money.

The Government falls asleep at the wheel

Finance Minister Bill English and Prime Minister John Key walk to the House during the 2016 budget presentation at ...

OPINION: The Government has maintained a cautious, steady course, generally avoiding outlandish spending.

Labour: Budget lacks vision

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson says this Budget will keep Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler awake at night.

National's Budget lacks the vision and courage needed to meet the challenges facing the country, writes Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson.

'Wasteful spending is everywhere'

Kiwirail has proved costly for taxpayers.

OPINION: David Seymour runs the ruler over government spending and finds plenty of savings.

Crisis? What housing crisis?

Our resident satirist takes a seat (or is that banana?) with Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett.

David Farrar: Bill's bland Budget

Kiwiblog's David Farrar.

Bill English has delivered a bland mid-term budget, says Right-wing commentator David Farrar.

Budget should be about everyone, not the fortunate few

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson.

OPINION: A Budget has to make a real difference to people's lives. And the needs today are obvious, writes Grant Robertson.

Tough decisions for Key and English

Finance Minister Bill English prepares to present his eighth budget.

OPINION: Save or splurge? Bill English's tough budget day choices.

Budget: Five things to expect

Finance Minister Bill English runs his eye over the 2016 Budget's key points.

Finance Minister Bill English will likely have some key issues top of mind.

Watch US closely for what could happen here

Anger seemed to be the common denominator when it comes to Trump and Sanders.

OPINION: After some four decades of following the deregulation agenda a majority of voters in many countries have begun to wonder when they are going to get the share of the pie.

When 'no comment' means maybe video

Finance Minister Bill English - typically cryptic about Budget 2016.

Days before the Budget, we've learned Bill English is averse to answering questions about an extension to paid parental leave, writes Tracy Watkins.

'Devastating news' to Moko marchers

Green Party MP Jan Logie says Government's have been underfunding family violence specialist support services for years, ...

OPINION: Each year thousands of us march, write letters and demand an end to family violence. So what can the Government do?

Housing crisis Government's fault - Labour leader

Labour leader Andrew Little says Paula Bennett has got it wrong.

Babies living in cars? That's not the Kiwi way, says Labour leader Andrew Little.

The Panama Papers and Putin stuff nation

Vladimir Putin's regime has increasingly subjected its opponents to systematic harassment and detention.

OPINION: The Panama Papers scandal, among other things, reinforces growing concerns about high-level fraud and corruption within President Vladimir Putin's government.

Bennett on housing supply

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says the Government are freeing up land to build more houses and progressing ...

OPINION: I know it's tough finding private rentals, in Auckland in particular.

Below the Beltway

Fish caused a splash this week when it was revealed Kiwi fishing vessels have been illegally dumping them.

Who is up and who is down in politics?

'Plunder of our oceans exposed'

Fishing means a lot to New Zealanders but our fish stocks are under huge pressure.

OPINION: The agency we rely on to protect our fishing stocks knew about the dumping and under-reporting of catches, and didn't stop it.

Budget: less exciting than a giant feijoa?

Prime Minister John Key and Finance Minister Bill English. There may be virtue in a boring Budget.

OPINION: Will the Budget be less interesting than a record-setting feijoa?

Poverty lost in politics

Will Bill English's Budget be worthy of applause this year? The Opposition will have opportunity to be a lot more vocal, ...

OPINION: Are more people living in poverty, or has the past week been part of a slick political campaign?

Mastermind in name only

Our resident satirist puts a "pretty relaxed" John Key in the hotseat.

'I just hate going in there'

Work and Income offices: Leave your dignity at the guarded door.

''Go see Work and Income,'' was John Key's advice to the homeless. So we did.

'There's no need to get historical'

Michael Joseph Savage carries a dining table into the Labour Government's first state house in Wellington, in 1937.

Opinion: Michael Joseph Savage, the man who helped create cradle to grave social welfare would be dismayed by Godzone now.

Cake today and tomorrow video

Prime Minister John Key and Finance Minister Bill English off to read the 2015 budget.

OPINION: John Key's contortions over the Budget and tax plan this week displays another one of his under-appreciated silky skills.

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