Police should carry guns

JUDITH COLLINS: Resigned as a minister on August 30.

OPINION: It's Christmas and police should have better access to guns to fight the inevitable surge in domestic violence.

Influencing politics from the outside

DIRTY POLITICS: The moment Nicky Hager made a ho hum election campaign a little more interesting.

OPINION: 2014 brought out the worst, rather than the best in our politicians. So, instead, here are seven individuals that shaped politics from outside the Beehive.

Crass opportunism in wake of siege

Andrea Vance

OPINION: Is there a better time for political opportunism than in the wake of a "terror" attack? For Prime Minister John Key it seems not.

Targeting radicals, not Muslims

OUT OF AMMO: Judith Collins, standing in front of evidence of her handiwork at a police shooting range, says she doesn’t want to be ‘‘caught up in negative stuff and confrontation’’.

OPINION: The countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill prescribes extended search and surveillance powers to the SIS including being able to conduct surveillance without a warrant in an emergency.

Phil Goff: Arms not the answer

Phil Goff

OPINION: As we all look forward to the season of peace and goodwill, remember not all are so fortunate.

One clear winner, plenty of dashed hopes gallery video

John Key

OPINION: Lucky John. Teflon John. Call him what you will, 2014 was the year of John Key.

Goff goes toe-to-toe with Collins

Labour's Phil Goff will also write a column for the Sunday Star-Times.

News that Judith Collins would be our columnist generated excited comment across media. Now, we have another new columnist.

Not a moment wasted

Steven Joyce.

OPINION: Some MPs will stop at nothing to raise their chances of getting on the TV news.

Labour at inequality crossroad

Advisers would have to satisfy a tougher legal duty to act in the best interests of their clients.

OPINION: It's a truth universally acknowledged that your average OECD report can be used by either major party to justify its plans.

Talking nonsense with aplomb


OPINION: Did he but know it, Sam Lotu-Iiga got a masterclass from Hekia Parata in how to talk piffle in Parliament and get away with it.

Time to look closely at this new 'wood'

OPINION: I've known Phil Smith for more than a decade. He's been a builder for 53 years, having started as an apprentice at 16 years of age. Those were the days when woodwork was taught in schools and being a carpenter meant knowing and working in wood. Over those years a few things have changed.

Key might be in for a Little surprise

Andrew Little takes over as Labour party leader.

OPINION: In life after politics, John Key could earn a tidy sum as an after-dinner speaker.

All agree - campaign was memorable

NZ First leader Winston Peters votes. He could be a kingmaker during negotiations to form a government.

OPINION: Political leaders are agreed that the 2014 campaign would be remembered as one of the most bruising - if not the weirdest - campaigns in history.

Terror bill a pragmatic accord

Labour leader Andrew Little has called for Rennie to be dumped.

OPINION: It was probably inevitable that Labour would face cries of "sellouts" and "mugs" after it agreed to back the foreign fighters law.

Minister pledges 1080 will save birds

BIG DROP: Reloading pre-feed pellets as a DOC 1080 drop.

OPINION: New Conservation Minister Maggie Barry explains her stance on the use of 1080 poison.

Fishing trip hooks little

John Key

OPINION: There's getting to be a dimension of adolescent one-upmanship about the prime minister's phone number saga.

Labour's position 'hypocritical'

Labour leader Andrew Little.

OPINION: Labour supporters have yet another reason to be disappointed after MPs supported the Govt’s new anti-terror laws.

'Work' speech a giant leap

Labour leader Andrew Little.

OPINION: Andrew Little's call for Labour to redefine what it means by working people shows he is not solely a creature of his union backers and background.

Little's underwhelming speech video

Andrew Little made his first major speech as Labour leader today.

OPINION: No tubs thumped, no visions conjured and only one sacred Labour cow wounded.

Nothing like a brain fade for protection

THINKING ABOUT IT: Prime Minister John Key is fond of the memory fade excuse.

OPINION: I can't recall. Translation: prove it. The limits of our politicians' memories are stretched often. Either that or their credibility.

John Key's worst week ever

Duncan Garner

OPINION: The Government looked cocky, arrogant and ill-discplined this week.

What is Key to do?

WANTING: John Key's response to text communication with Cameron Slater has not been sufficient.

OPINION: John Key and Cameron Slater. How is the Prime Minister going to explain those text messages?

Government is 'paranoid, secretive'

GREENS CO-LEADER: Russel Norman says hundreds of civil servants are being paid to break the law and conceal the government's activities.

OPINION: When we catch a minister breaking the law, they don't resign. They ask their pollster if the scandal is resonating with voters.

Putting the spin on 'neutrality'

IAIN RENNIE: The State Services Commissioner is in charge of all of the chief executives of government departments - that makes him, effectively, Sutton's boss.

OPINION: State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie ought to take a long, hard look at a worrying erosion of political neutrality, writes Vernon Small.

Robertson hunts for finance gospel

Labour MP Grant Robertson.

OPINION: As he hits the books in coming weeks, Labour's finance spokesman Grant Robertson will be building on thinking that's been percolating for months.

Planet Key - reality's 'contested'

PHIL GOFF: Former Labour leader.

OPINION: To say the Opposition was busting a gut yesterday would not be underselling the proposition.

Key ignores the obvious

Prime Minister John Key.

OPINION: John Key took aim squarely at his own foot and fired at will.

Keeping Key's hands clean

OPINION: Prime Minister John Key has interpreted two reports as showing he was above 'dirty politics'. They do not.

Shameful rape culture ridiculous

Writing on the wall: A  message sent by people who want to see an end to rape culture.

OPINION: In the wake of the reaction to the Roger Sutton case, what victim of sexual bullying in the workplace will come forward now?

Time to prove himself

TESTING TIME: Andrew Little takes over as Labour Party leader.

A bunch of faceless union hacks chose Andrew Little to lead the Labour Party this week.

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