Editorial: Midwifery is about the joy of childbirth – but not the pay

Christchurch midwife Jacqui Anderson with two-week-old Oliver Huband.


Oscar Kightley: TV a brutal mirror of our times

A tribute to slain journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

OPINION: I didn't know this woman who was shot dead on live TV. I had no business seeing her draw her last breaths.

National gets third-termitis

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse: likeable, but out of his depth.

OPINION: John Key warned Cabinet not to be arrogant and contract the dreaded disease.

Judith Collins v Phil Goff: Organ donation is the gift that keeps on giving

Surgeons perform a kidney transplant. The donor will be left with minimal financial support.

OPINION: Donating an organ is less risky than farming – but unlike farming, ACC won't cover a donor's lost earnings.

David Slack: Wish you were here, please send Marmite

If you aren't keen on footy, waddarya? That's the question used in the play Foreskin's Lament as a challenge to rugby itself.

OPINION: It seems people have been filling the heads of ambitious young Kiwis with cruel fantasies about their big OE in Britain ...

Nanaia Mahuta, Maori Queen?

Nanaia Mahuta contested the Labour leadership with Andrew Little. There is now speculation that she might leave the party to become the Maori queen.

Will the Labour MP be royalty or casualty as Labour revamps its lineup?

Below the beltway gallery

Is rugby or politics the winner on the day here? Does anyone really win in this shirt?

After a week of politics, who's up and who's down?

Start again with flag design

The flag consideration panel's longlist includes many designs that look like advertising logos, including one very similar to Business.govt.nz

OPINION: It's not too late to ditch the proposed flag designs and start again.

Inquiry a welcome barometer

Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales died from cancer, shortly after hearing that a High Court bid to allow her doctor to help her die without criminal prosecution had failed.

OPINION: Terms of reference for a parliamentary inquiry into euthanasia conveys robust intent.

Housing a fundamental right

The Government is preparing to pass on the ownership and management of some of its housing stock to community social housing providers.

OPINION: New Zealanders are waking up to the reality of our housing crisis.

A pretty little load of nonsense

Jacinda Ardern: A political heavy-weight.

OPINION: Female MPs and their looks - how is that still a thing?

Workers deserve better

Health and safety law should respect the memory of the  Pike River victims

OPINION: Nats should tell farmers to cop a little red tape and inconvenience to save lives.

Nats' health and safety woes

School playgrounds - some people believe they the next victims of the health and safety legislation.

OPINION: National's efforts to placate powerful lobbies like farming have turned its legislation into a laughing stock.

Flag debate: Letterbox painting

It is very hard not to see the flag referendum as signifying a limited vision of New Zealand's "independence", says Jon Johansson.

OPINION: It's hard not to see the flag referendum as signifying a limited vision of NZ's "independence".

Of capitalist catastrophes and collectivist triumphs

Way back in the 1950s, William B Sutch recognised the urgent need for New Zealand to diversify its agricultural commodity-based economy.

You might think that ordinary human beings would have tired of capitalism's cyclical catastrophes by now, but round and round it goes.

Black Monday - time to panic?

John Key and Bill English - riding another wave of global uncertainty

OPINION: John Key and Bill English have ridden out a financial crisis before. Is this the next one?

Government has created a farce with work and safety legislation

The Pike River tragedy convinced everyone New Zealand needed to do better on worker safety.

OPINION: The farce created by the Government's hamfisted changes to the Health and Safety Reform Bill is a tragedy.

Lessons from British Labour

British Labour Party politician Jeremy Corbyn.

Look for a brutal reality check in pretty short order if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership of the British Labour party.

Why we still need zoos, whatever the animal rights activists say

Anjalee, the new Sri Lankan elephant at Auckland Zoo, celebrates her ninth birthday with senior elephant keeper Laurel Sandy and eight-year-olds Liam Talagi of Weymouth, and Pearl Pond of Blockhouse Bay.

OPINION: Zoos are no longer about chimpanzee tea parties and elephant rides: indeed, visitors are merely a means to pay the bills as they save endangered wildlife from hungry farmers, poachers and trophy hunters like Walter Palmer.

Saudi sheep shemozzle a sorry saga

Murray McCully

OPINION: Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully seems to be treating public money as his own petty cash.

Looking for love in all the wrong places

The Ashley Madison website says: "Life is short. Have an affair." But you never know who you're going to meet ...

OPINION: "Life is short. Have an affair," the Ashley Madison website said. She snorted to herself.

Flag change another National disaster

Protesters carry the New Zealand flag at a TPPA demonstration.

OPINION: This flag debate feels like it’s been going on forever – but what have we achieved?

PM: Silver fern suits flag gallery

Prime Minister John Key believes it is a good time for New Zealand to choose a new flag that better represents us.

OPINION: Most New Zealanders don't use the flag to display and share their sense of national identity, says Prime Minister John Key.

Life after Key - should National start planning now?

Is Paula Bennett first in line to take over from John Key?

OPINION Is someone being lined up to step into John Key's shoes?

This is 'overt' for Kiwis

US golf fans get their flag on at the Ryder Cup. New Zealand prime minister John Key believes a fresh flag would encourage Kiwis to make patriotic statements of a similar vein.

OPINION: "Overt patriotism" is what John Key believes a new national flag would bring. But aren't we already getting that from those opposed to his $26 million referendum. 

Hospital bits for sale

We've also incredible deals on playing fields and jungle gyms.

SATIRE: Are you trying to sell me an operating theatre?

Furious about shoddy repairs, furious!

Beck Eleven

OPINION: Despite various rulings from the courts not one head has rolled in Christchurch, Beck Eleven writes.

Govt consultation lacks transparency

In 2013 the world's eight wealthiest countries, the G-8, agreed to the Open Government Partnership aimed at improving government transparency.

OPINION: Efforts to improve government transparency have been labeled 'insulting' by lobby group Transparency International.

A flag does not need to tell a story to be successful

The red maple leaf does not say anything about Canada, except that it has maple trees.

OPINION: A new New Zealand flag does not have to explain why New Zealand is special.

Not all asset sales created equal

Then National party leader Don Brash and Prime Minister Helen Clark squared off in 2005 over National's plans to privatise Solid Energy and Landcorp farms.

OPINION: There was a time - it was about a decade ago now - and asset sales were centre of the political stage.

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