Illegal land grabs push peace further away

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to the Israeli settlement of Gilo in 2012.  Gilo is an urban ...

Opinion: A balancing of power is critical to successful peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

Dunne deal a smart move from the Left

Peter Dunne faces a stiff challenge from the Left for his seat.

OPINION: The Greens have come up with a smart play, but it's not guaranteed to work.

Jacinda v Annette: The battle is on

Annette King's backing delivered Little  caucus unity

OPINION: The best advice is free they say. And there is never any shortage of it when you are leader of the Opposition.

No limits on private 'attack ads'

Unlike with electioneering via billboards, newspapers or the internet, the law traditionally has seen the broadcast ...

Opinion: Political parties are constrained in their use of the broadcast media for electioneering purposes, but, according to the Court of Appeal, private individuals and groups are not.

Downgrading water standards gives false hope

Muddling the waters: Environment Minister Nick Smith before a 2016 dip in the Manawatu River, which has been described ...

OPINION: Our Government is slowly contaminating our freshwater supplies through a combination of neglect and thoughtless economic strategy.

Labour's future has one name

Younger blood - like new Mt Albert MP Jacinda Ardern - is needed for the top of the Labour party, Chris Trotter says.

OPINION: If Andrew Little doesn't promote Jacinda Arden to deputy-leader, then he's a fool, writes Chris Trotter.

Would you wade into a 'Smithable' river?

Not wading but swimming: Nick Smith prepares for a dip in the Manawatu River in 2016.

OPINION: Baby boomers like me remember clean rivers - and we vote. Dave Armstrong writes.

Immigrant bashing not based on facts

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse poses for pictures with newly arrived refugees at the Mangere Refugee ...

OPINION: Baseless assertions about the effects of immigration are distorting our political debate

Jacinda Ardern is only going up

It's a fresh and relaxed picture - the kind Labour would love to replicate nearly every day on the campaign for the ...

OPINION: She's the new MP in an electorate often reserved for party leaders, will Andrew Little take note?

Time to take keys from top cop?

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has been forced to own up to a drink driving conviction, after months spent trying to ...

OPINION: It's a crying shame our police hierarchy is so willing to sweep a drink-drive conviction under the carpet.

Little's Mt Albert headache

Jacinda Ardern's win in Mt Albert raises the stakes for Labour in Auckland.

OPINION: If Andrew Little's serious about ringing the changes in Labour, he could start by promoting Jacinda Ardern

Is ACT going soft on crime?

ACT leader David Seymour softer on crime? Only on the first two strikes. But his policy to give incentives for low-risk ...

OPINION: ACT needs airtime, and it's resulting in a case of severe political creativeness.

The dark arts of setting public service salaries

SATIRE: We grill a spokesperson for the NZ Super Fund board about how they settled on more than $1million for its CEO.

Here today, gone tomorrow

John Key has already taken a back seat to Bill English in preferred PM ratings.

OPINION: No looking back might be John Key's mantra, and it seems Kiwis feel the same way.

Top cop's mea culpa slow coming

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has admitted a drink driving conviction.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has opened up about a drink driving conviction. But why only now?

Teasing us with tax cuts

Finance Minister Steven Joyce using a tried and true formula with his tax cut tease.

OPINION: Joyce is playing the tax cut card, but it's looking more like an election play than a pot of gold.

Little's divide and conquer method stuff nation video

Andrew Little's divisive rhetoric itself is not kaupapa Māori, as it seeks to label good or bad Māori regardless of ...

OPINION: For Labour and Andrew Little, the strategy appears closer to "divide and conquer" than earnest discussion on what matters to the Māori electorate.

Ministry must come clean

Former MoT manager Joanne Harrison was finally forced out of the shadows. When will MoT say what it knew?

OPINION: She was hired as a senior public servant despite her past. How could this happen?

E Kore Ano, Never Again

Respectful public inquiries can provide closure, as well as new openings, for victims of abuse, their families and ...

Opinion: The Open Letter to Prime Minister Bill English, calling for an independent inquiry to deal with abuse of children under state care, has been steadfastly downplayed by the Government. Why?

Striking the right chord with Maori Party video

In partnership: Mana Party leader Hone Harawira, Maori Party candidate for Te Tai Hauauru Howie Tamati, Maori Party ...

OPINION: The fight between Labour and the Maori Party is heating up. National will happily stoke it.

The cult of Adrian Orr video

Adrian Orr's salary is below what he could earn elsewhere, but those other jobs would come with downsides he does not ...

OPINION: If the NZ Super Fund boss was motivated by salary, we should let him go.

School starts and kids' well-being

Moving to an earlier age for starting school  could mean less choice, less flexibility, and lower ability to be ...

OPINION: Having children start school before their fifth birthday may not really be good for them.

Deep State, big trouble

The Ataturkian legacy is being smashed to pieces by Turkey's Islamist President, Tayyip Erdogan. Will America's ...

OPINION: Situation in Turkey shows what happens when a populist president believes himself to be in the cross-hairs. Will America's democratic legacy be next?

English reticent, but deals a must

29-07-15 News Photo; David White/FairfaxNZ 
Bill English, Minister of Finance for the NZ National Govt

OPINION: Do the maths: National can't afford not to strike deals with its support partners.

Jackson: EC failing voters

Willie Jackson will stand for Labour at this year's election.

OPINION: What is the use of a democracy if only the middle class vote? The Electoral Commission is to blame for a voting crisis.

The Ohariu charade

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne.

Opinion: This year, both Tory and Green supporters could be holding their nose as they cast their vote in Ohariu.

Dinner date diplomacy

It's the annual trans-Tasman dinner date.  Prime Minister Bill English and wife Mary take a water taxi with Australian ...

Malcolm Turnbull and John Key got on like a house on fire. The Bill English relationship might need work.

Hard to say but it must be said

Tens of thousands of children were taken into state care in the decades following World War II, with many of them ...

OPINION: This is a public apology, given in the name of the people who feel unable to make it.

Pike River disaster lack of leadership

Anna Osbourne, whose husband Milton died in the Pike River Mine disaster, said they were standing up for working class ...

OPINION: We can't use a national tragedy to score political points.

Trump's man doesn't understand 'no'

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has been in the spotlight ever since he was named America's Sexiest Man by ...

OPINION: If we as a nation find Senator Scott Brown's actions abhorrent, we can do more than talk. We can say no.

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