Here today, gone tomorrow

Finance Minister Bill English gives the thumbs up after delivering his 7th Budget.

OPINION: Budgets come and Budgets go but only a few claim their place in history.

What was Andrew Little thinking?

Labour leader Andrew Little has raised the ghost of broken promises past with talk of means testing the state pension.

OPINION: What was Andrew Little thinking?

The dog ate the surplus

This isn't Hogwarts, English. Things don't just magically "disappear".

OPINION: Alright class, settle down and sit still. Key, you know what I mean.

Canny, but far from bold

John Key congratulates Bill English on delivery of his seventh Budget.

OPINION: The Government wanted the Budget to be about addressing hardship and deprivation.

Hole in Budget forces crafty response

Finance Minister Bill English gains the plaudits from colleagues  after delivering his seventh Budget.

OPINION: No one saw that coming. Finance Minster Bill English's "hardship Budget" delivers on the post-election promise to look after the poorest children in New Zealand.

Editorial: John Banks vindicated

The Court of Appeal has ruled John Banks was the vicitm of a miscarriage of justice.

OPINION: It has been a long road, but John Banks has been entirely exonerated of the electoral offences he was accused of.

A CGT by any other name...

Finance Minister Bill English will bring in more housing measure in today's Budget.

OPINION: Like Humpty Dumpty it seems MPs want their words to mean only what they choose them to mean.

NZ putting Pacific relationships at risk

Island producers like this vanilla grower in Vanuatu  face unique disadvantages, including the distance to their global  market.

OPINION: New Zealand risks its relationship with Pacific Island countries by ignoring concerns about a regional trade agreement.

Is Auckland killing NZ?

Rino Tirikatene

OPINION: The media have an obligation to report what's happening in the rest of the country as well.

'We are still a little too ready to salute'

Prince Harry waves farewell as he leaves Linton Army Camp.

Cheerful, clear-eyed, square-jawed and thoughtful, Prince Harry failed to live down to our expectations.

Editorial: When Harry met the ballyhoo of a NZ tour

Prince Harry meeting Auckland fans.

It is an extraordinary anachronism to see New Zealand treating Prince Harry as an eligible bachelor, who might provide some starry-eyed young woman with her lucky break in life.

Time to steady the ship or rock the boat

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 15:  Prime Minister John Key speaks while Finance Minister Bill English looks on during the 2014 budget presentation at Parliament on May 15, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. Bill English delivered his sixth budget which included a $493 million families package, which includes extending paid parental leave and will introduce free doctors' visits and prescriptions for under 13s. It was also announced that the Government Budget would run at a surplus of $372 million for the 12 months to June 30, 2015.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

OPINION: Is this the Budget when National finally starts testing the boundaries of its huge election year mandate?

Stepping back from the nuclear precipice

James Cartwright would seem an unlikely campaigner for nuclear disarmament.  He is a former US Marine Four Star General.  He rose to be vice-chair of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and headed America's Strategic Command.

Little keen to attack Key on economy

Andrew Little has spent a lot of his first months as Labour leader speaking with the business sector.

OPINION: Andrew Little has been content to work on establishing himself as a credible leader and – he hopes – future prime minister.

Homeless hand-outs must stop

Broadcaster and columnist Mike Yardley.

OPINION: The hate-filled, rancid vitriol piled on a councillor who courageously said no to yet another hand-out is contemptible.

Editorial: Big tests for Tory govt

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron reacts after retaining his parliamentary seat, at a count centre in Witney, Britain May 8, 2015. REUTERS/Toby Melville

OPINION: Europe and Scotland are high on the agenda for the new government in Britain, but the biggest test will be the economy.

Perfect Mike Hosking: 'If you don’t love the Royal Family, you’re a moron'

Mike Hosking, the paradox and the parody.

From one royal to another, the paradoxical and parodic Perfect Mike Hosking welcomes Prince Harry to New Zealand.

Death penalty is never OK

Imagine the horror experienced by the families of the two Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, on learning their children had been so brutally executed by firing squad in Bali recently.

Budgets and broken promises

Finance Minister Bill English discusses the chances of a surplus after a pre-budget speech.

Nothing can disguise the fact that this Budget also brings a big broken promise.

Rockstar economy in rehab

"The rockstar economy has simply been on a weight-loss programme and hasn't quite achieved its goal," says 'Colonel' Bill English.

OPINION: New Zealand's rockstar economy has cancelled all future appearances amid rumours that it has gone into rehab.

Budget cause for Little celebration gallery

Labour leader Andrew Little.

OPINION: The belated birthday present Andrew Little needs will come gift-wrapped in Bill English's seventh Budget.

Human trafficking may doom TPP

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez.

OPINION: A bill to advance the Pacific trade agreement in the US Senate is hung up over Malaysia' dismal record on human trafficking.

Not much in the cupboard for English to dine on

Bill English, scrimping and saving.

OPINION: Bill English must feel a little like Mother Hubbard when he looks at the Budget he will bring down in two weeks time. So much to do, such an empty cupboard.

Trickle turns into an avalanche

Prime Minister John Key.

OPINION: Problems no longer come in threes for John Key. They are piling up at his door. 

Collins should not be restored to Cabinet

National MP and former Cabinet minister Judith Collins.

OPINION: Judith Collins is now campaigning to be allowed back into Cabinet. John Key should decline.

Editorial: Why PM John Key is our father of the year

Izzy Finlay, 8, from Swanson School in west Auckland will be allowed to play with fire, as part of the school's free play philosophy.

Like emerging artist Stephie Key, our children may end up taking bolder risks than we anticipated. And we should, like John Key, support them wholeheartedly.

English reluctant to give surplus promise last rites

Finance Minister Bill English discusses the chances of a surplus after a pre-budget speech.

OPINION: Finance Minister Bill English has all but buried his pet policy of returning to surplus this year.

Maori Party picks the right battle

Te Ururoa Flavell, leader of the Maori Party

OPINION: The Maori Party is walking a delicate line between speaking against the Australian Government and staying true to its values.

Truck crash or third-term blues?

Prime Minister John Key may be suffering a case of early third-term blues.

OPINION: No Government expects their third term to be easy.

Editorial: Death penalty realism

Australians Myuran Sukumaran (L) and Andrew Chan in Denpasar district court in Bali on January 24, 2006.

Bali executions and NZ's trade push in the Middle East stir debate about the death penalty.

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