Greens take lead with candidates

Auckland-based human rights laywer Golriz Ghahraman has announced she wants to enter Parliament with the Greens.

OPINION: It's early days in the battle to pick candidates for this year's election, but the Greens are stealing a march.

What did Donald say to Melania?

US President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump attend the Freedom Ball in honour of his inauguration in Washington.

A satirical look at the Trumps' waltzing whisperings.

Politics as usual on the home front

US President Donald Trump delivers his speech at the inauguration ceremonies as the 45th president of the United States.

OPINION: Ah, election year - but US events trump a genteel start at home.

Much offence taken, little engagement on actual issues

Sir Bob Jones was deliberately provocative and succeeded in getting people wound up.

OPINION: Too much of what passes for "news" these days involves people saying things they ought not.

Diesel move in NZ's best interests

A KiwiRail diesel locomotive.

Opinion: Environmental implications were top of mind for KiwiRail when considering whether to use more diesel locomotives on the North Island main trunk line.

Editorial: Welcome noises on trade

Prime Minister Bill English, right, meets with his British counterpart, Theresa May. May has pledged to work on a "bold" ...

OPINION: Out of an international environment of deepening nationalism and insularity, New Zealand might win greater links to some of its biggest trading partners.

Super-rich pay miserly tax

Just two men, Graeme Hart and Richard Chandler, are worth the same as the poorest 30 per cent of the adult Kiwi ...

OPINION: The super-rich are not paying their fair share of tax as wealthiest NZers declare incomes less than $70,000.

Neoliberalism: What's in a name?

Labour leader Andrew Little knows better than to use idealogical terms such as "neoliberalism" when speaking to the press.

So what is a neoliberal anyway, asks Liam Hehir.

Booze ads already tightly controlled

Does alcohol brand advertising, like the Heineken sign during the 2011 Rugby World Cup semifinal, fuel under-age drinking?

Alcohol should be allowed to be advertised in support of professional sport's viability, writes Mike Yardley.

Scrapping electric trains shortsighted

Transport Minister Simon Bridges says he supports Kiwirail's decision to scrap electric trains from the North Island ...

OPINION: Considering the urgent need for action on climate change, can it really be wise to bet on diesel trains?

Bill English's 'Think Big'?

Taranaki's Waitara Valley methanol plant was a Think Big project built under the Muldoon era  'fast-track' National ...

OPINION: Will the new PM's plan to help the vulnerable be undermined by ideological hostility, asks Chris Trotter.

Trump – the beginning of the end?

Donald Trump’s inauguration this week will be as notable for those absent as for those present. We report from the Divided States of America.

'Obama will fight on'

Barack Obama wipes away tears as he delivers his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois.

OPINION: He was a boy. Fresh out of college. He worked on Chicago's impoverished south side, fighting for a job centre and clean water.

Speak now, or forever hold your peace

SATIRE: The new Prime Minister struggles to be heard.

How to have healthy disagreement about politics

In political arguments, like one half of a fighting couple, we need to look in the mirror, own our part of the problem, ...

OPINION: We tend to attribute bad motives to those we disagree with but blaming your partner doesn't end a fight.

'We will not go away'

Supporters of the Pike River mine families on Logburn Rd, blocking access to the mine site in December.

OPINION: A mother and miner who lost her son in Pike River demands justice and closure.

Lange and his legacy

Prime Minister David Lange in his office in 1985 with the nuclear free legislative bill.

Opinion: David Lange is remembered for his one-liners and his repudiation of nuclear weapons. But all is not what it seemed.

The business of cannabis

A Dunedin long term population study has suggested heavy cannabis use from early adolescence leads to IQ decline in ...

OPINION: Booze underwrites much of NZ's misery. Fans of cannabis need to prove it would really be a positive thing.

Nats need to show yet more teeth

A general view shows the Jewish settlers' outpost of Amona, front, and the Palestinian village of Silwad in the ...

Opinion: There are more steps the National Government could take to penalise Israel for its position on the Palestine issue.

Give both sides a fair go

In Jerusalem last year, people take part in the closing event of the March of Hope, an event organised by Women Wage ...

Opinion: Discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires recognition of the need for just treatment of displaced Jews as much as of displaced Palestinians.

Racism's dresscode not smart or casual

Sir Peter "The Mad Butcher" Leitch made some "key learnings" this week.

This week, the Mad Butcher learned that no white man is an island.

2017 in the shadow of Trump

Increasingly, the banners of the left are being carried by younger voters – the Chloe Swarbrick generation. Swarbrick is ...

OPINION: The most significant political event of 2017 could well be the collapse of the Labour Party.

Visitors should pay their way

A tourist levy would help fund popular spots that otherwise have low rating bases, such as Tekapo, argues Mike Yardley.

OPINION: We need to fix our groaning tourist infrastructure, but why should Kiwis be nailed by tourist taxes in their own country?

Election year 2017

NZ First leader Winston Peters.

This year is election year, and two questions arise. Can the National-led Government pull off the almost-impossible by winning a fourth term? And will some form of Trumpism come to New Zealand?

2017: The year that might be

A political bombshell will deliver Andrew Little the keys to Premier House in 2017.

A political bombshell will change the election course and install Andrew Little as PM - maybe.

2017: Reasons to be happy

Guy Williams: hoping for peace, harmony, and a gig as an avocado ambassador.

With 365 days still to go, there's got to be some good news in 2017.

We can tell how you will turn out

Tests can tell how children as young as 3, and not only their teeth, will turn out.

OPINION: Academics can say how you will turn out. What do we do with the information?

A brave position on Israel

Palestinian protesters dressed as Santa Claus clash with Israeli security forces on December 23. Palestinians are ...

OPINION: New Zealand has taken a principled stand on the Palestinian problem.

The year of 'No'

2016 was the Year of Trump.

OPINION: This was a year of rejections - and dashes for the exit.

Dave Armstrong's Basil Awards

Dave Armstrong's table shortly before the announcement of the awards.

OPINION: Live from the basil patches of Newtown, our columnist's annual gongs.

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