Beneficiary bashing just too easy

colin espiner

OPINION: National wants us to focus on the lazy stereotype of dole bludgers, writes Colin Espiner.

Key perfects image of everyman


OPINION: Babies? Puppies? John Key has kissed them. It must be an election year.

Get a grip Phillipstown School

Phillipstown School principal Tony Simpson

OPINION: Trotting your kids out to cry in front of the cameras makes me wince, writes Tahu Potiki.

MPs in royal jockeying

Handshakes with William and Kate

OPINION: The royals had a day off to recover from jet lag yesterday, but it didn't stop politicians from jostling.

Right man for National at the time


OPINION: When Tau Henare first started turning up at National Party meetings there a noticeable ripple would go through the room.

National's fiscal lockdown a risk


OPINION: Can John Key convince voters to believe a Labour Government could be "part of the problem" of higher mortgage repayments?

Labour needs sense of urgency

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Labour's economic counter so far under Cunliffe has been low-key and delivered largely from the regions.

Labour's first shot backfires

Labour Party

OPINION: Labour's high hopes of gaining traction in the National stronghold of Ilam got off to a false start yesterday.

Dotcom logs on for a fight

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: Owning a rare first edition of Mein Kampf personally signed by Hitler is more than just a little bit creepy.

The secret diary of . . . Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: The first thing I want to make clear is I have never actually sat down and read Mein Kampf.

The Dotcom factor's heavy toll

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: The looming election campaign will be frantic, dirty and with Kim Dotcom added to the mix it is sure to also be unpredictable.

Asset sales fail expectations

asset sales

OPINION: The Government's asset sales programme has fallen billions of dollars short of the headiest predictions.

Dotcom party lacks vital guest

Vernon Small

OPINION: D is for desperate and dateless and Dotcom. | Signed copy of Hitler book | Internet Party launch

ManaNet or InterCom?

OPINION: It's hard to see what is in it for Mana to strike a "codeshare" deal with Kim Dotcom's Internet Party.

It's time for some action


OPINION: There could not be a better time for more than 50 world leaders to gather to discuss nuclear security.

Key's China trip appears flawless

John Key and  Chinese Premier Li Keqiang meet, March 18, 2014 in Beijing

OPINION: Seconds after John Key stepped off the plane from Shanghai to Hong Kong, the third and final stop of his Chinese visit, officials began rolling the red carpet away.

Leap of faith with Parata

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Like the water-to-wine miracle, it requires a huge leap of faith to believe Hekia Parata's line about turning public funds into private funds that are above govt scrutiny.

Key hopes hobnobbing helps


OPINION: If John Key's approval rating ever does start to dip, he may lament that international leaders don't get to vote.

Will Key forgive this disaster?

OPINION: How long before Prime Minister John Key decides Hekia Parata is a liability in Cabinet?

Labour tweaks its relationships

Vernon Small

OPINION: Labour has shown a nuanced approach to the Greens and NZ First, but what will it mean after an election?

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