Will spy scandal impact election?

GCSB's Waihopai Spy Base

OPINION: Revelations that the government may be spying on its citizens are momentous. | Public deserves answers | NZ spied on allies

Big tick for democracy

michele a'court

OPINION: I have crawled under the covers and literally wept actual tears about our democracy.

Backlash now going in Key's favour?


OPINION: Having gone off the rails weeks ago, the campaign has turned into a set for cartoon-like characters and an increasingly bizarre script.

One egg in Labour basket

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Labour has run a campaign focused on a single leadership personality - and it simply hasn't worked.

Government set-up could get hairy


OPINION: Putting a government together after Saturday may prove to be a more than usually difficult task.

Do believe the hype

Edward Snowden and Julian Assange appear via video at Kim Dotcom's

OPINION: When people say the "moment of truth" was an anti-climax, a nothing - don't believe them.

Bombshell or bomb?

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Kim Dotcom’s big reveal may or may not change the outcome of the election, but its ripples will spread well beyond Saturday.

Look beyond Dotcom's spy fanfare

andrea vance

OPINION: What Glenn Greenwald is about to say - not the way he is saying it - has potentially enormous implications for NZ.

Politics goes to church

church generic

OPINION: You get to see inside a lot of churches when you cover grassroots election campaigns.

Editorial: Final week distraction

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: The much-promised announcement being staged by Kim Dotcom today must be one of the most ballyhooed in NZ political history.

Soaking in it

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: Voting early, surrounded by ads, is a dodgy exercise, writes Jane Bowron.

Attacking as defence

Kim Dotcom and Glenn Greenwald

OPINION: John Key cannot afford to be blindsided over GCSB revelations, so he's leading the attack.

Analysis: Who's fooling who?

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: John Key dismisses mass snooping claims, but are he and US journalist Glenn Greenwald talking about the same thing?

Eye on the prize

winston peters

OPINION: There has been a sea-change in New Zealand politics during the past week.

Winston plays 'Guess Who?'

winston peters

OPINION: Winston Peters is likely to choose who our next prime minister, but voting for him is gamble.

Tax cut promise 'worth the wait'


TRACY WATKINS - The Dominion Post

John Key appears to be backing himself to over-deliver on National's tax-cut promise in three years' time.

Frenzy settles into routine

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: After a frenetic start the campaign has slipped into what passes for routine these days.

Editorial: Will Peters be redundant?

winston peters

At a time when most people of his age are shuffling off towards the retirement home, Winston Peters is hauling himself around the campaign trail.

Dog quip sticks

David Cunliffe and John Key at leaders' debate

OPINION: If the measure of success in a leaders debate is delivering the line that sticks, then John Key probably won last night's Campbell Live face off with David Cunliffe.

Moment of truth looms large

OPINION: Kim Dotcom is promising revelations about the prime minister and the "sordid workings of Hollywood".

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