How did the Greens miss this one?

The kakapo recovery programme has  had a stand-out season in 2016.

OPINION: One of politics' darkest arts is learning how to grin while swallowing dead rats. 

Even Aussies want Helen Clark to lead UN

Even Autralian's think Helen Clark should led the UN, Alex Malley says.

OPINION: As an Australian business leader, most Kiwis would expect me to back the local horse, Kevin Rudd.

This is not a trade war

Stephen Jacobi executive director of the New Zealand China Council.

OPINION: The quality of imported steel has been in the news, but anti-dumping is not about quality.

People persuasion the key

Whio families thrive when effective pest control is in place - these birds have established a habitat in the Ruahine ...

OPINION: The Government has announced plans to form a joint-venture company to spearhead pest eradication efforts and exterminate all rats, stoats and possums in New Zealand by 2050.

Editorial: Odds against Mallard

Trevor Mallard has been MP for Hutt South since 1993.

OPINION: Trevor Mallard has had a chequered record in the House, but that could be a help to him.

From student farce to American tragedy

Donald Trump voters are driven by a toxic mix of moral indignation and violent desire to punish an American they no ...

OPINION: Trump voters driven by toxic mix of moral indignation and violent desire to punish a US they no longer recognise.

More men needed in social work

Men needed: From left, whanau worker Andrea Tan, CYF social worker Jonelle Galbreath talking to Flora Sta.Ana about ...

Social work is a tough job. Why are hardly any men doing it?

'Kids miss out in teacher turf war'

Teaching is a noble profession but as always, politics comes into it.

Opinion: Former Labour Prime Minister Peter Fraser believed that "every person, whatever his level of academic ability, whether he be rich or poor, whether he live in town or country, has a right as a citizen, to a free education of the kind for which he is best fitted, and to the fullest extent of his powers."

Freaked out by the Republican convention

Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination, to the disbelief of many people.

Clive Staples Lewis knew a thing or two about the human condition.

Mental health in dire straits

Ashley Peacock is held in seclusion for nearly 23 hours a day.

OPINION: Locking someone up for 23 hours in a day can only make their mental illness worse.

US-NZ relations shipshape again

The US is sending a navy ship to the 75th birthday of the NZ navy.

OPINION: The three-decade-long self-imposed freeze on United States ship visits has been declared over.

Below the beltway

Prime Minister John Key met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. "They've got my number," Key said, denying Chinese ...

OPINION: Who's up and who's down in the week of politics?

America, you had me at hello

SATIRE: I remember when I first met Melania. There was something in the air that night. The stars were bright, Fernando.

Steel yourself – there's more than trade at stake

Trade Minister Todd McClay has made an omnishambles of the China trade furore.

OPINION: Reprisals against New Zealand's key exports by China are about as serious as a trade dispute could get.

US vice-president arrives in NZ video

US Vice President Joe Biden

US Vice President Joe Biden has touched down in New Zealand and TPPA protesters were there to welcome him.

Stewart: Rates up, accountability down

The Taranaki Regional Council incurred $85,000 legal costs in their failed complaint to the Broadcasting Standards ...

Public bodies should expect a bit of scrutiny. Rachel Stewart is happy to provide it.

SOS over housing bubble answered

The Reserve Bank is proposing tight new restrictions on lending to property investors, in a bid to control the risks of ...

OPINION: After giving them a hurry up, John Key will breath a sigh of relief the Reserve Bank has cracked down on property investors.

Reserve Bank move no solution

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler has given banks little time to prepare for new lending restrictions.

OPINION: The central bank is adding new lending restrictions, but it is not trying to solve the problem.

Erdogan lives – and secular Turkey dies

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan waves to the crowd following a funeral service for a victim of the thwarted coup ...

OPINION: The actions of the Erdogan regime make it clear that constitutional government in Turkey has become a fiction.

Health Minister v Treasury

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says he had to fight "tooth and nail" for the National Bowel Screening programme ...

The Government's rushed its bowel screening programme, no doubt. But Treasury would rather no programme.

Housing National's bete noire

Was it really only two years ago? The 2014 National Cabinet.

OPINION: Is National experiencing a midterm crisis?

Below the beltway

John and Bronagh Key at Bastille Day celebrations in France.

Who's up and who's down in politics this week?

In your 50s? Don't expect a pension

Pension reform is always hard as these protesting Greek pensioners in Athens show.

OPINION: A government needs to be very careful about being generous.

Helen Clark in the viper's nest video

Helen Clark addresses the UN General Assembly as she takes part in a debate for the UN's top job.

OPINION: Under the surface at the UN is a seething cauldron of bitter rivalries and intrigue. Clark is at the centre.

McCully hits right note over China

Prime Minister John Key met Chinese President Xi Jinping in April, seeking concessions on trade.

OPINION: It's hard to fault the Government's reaction to the highly-charged ruling that China's maritime rights claims in the South China Sea have no historical or legal merit.

Time for new ideas on housing

Labour leader Andrew Little says the priority is on building more houses.

OPINION: Labour's housing plan is a plausible response to the crisis. It proposes government action to build affordable houses, especially in Auckland. That is a bold first step.

Steven Joyce: The Govt's $92m man?

Minister Steven Joyce finds $94m for new state houses.

OPINION: Maybe it will go down in history as the $92 million tweet.

Labour and housing - the winning combination?

Labour Leader Andrew Little

OPINION: The Housing Crisis – especially in Auckland – is dragging National deeper and deeper into the electoral mire.

'If he reoffends, no mercy' video

One-time meth dealer Jason Rogers has turned his life around and now mentors other young men.

OPINION: Once, he committed a heinous crime. If you really want to, Google him and you'll find his name.

'We need a new deal on benefits'

Welfare needs a drastic overhaul, says David Seymour.

OPINION: Why are so many children born into benefit-dependent families?

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