Parliament's deja vu

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: This National Government looks a lot like the last one, writes Tracy Watkins.

Gruesome overtones subdue


OPINION: Parliament's pre-opening swearing-in of MPs is always a hybrid of Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe and the first day at kindy.

Secret diary of Paul Henry

Paul Henry

OPINION: My gift to the nation is that I make all sorts of things intensely interesting.

No cushy ride ahead at UN

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Jim McLay looks overcome in photos of the moment NZ won UN Security Council seat, but it'll be no easy ride.

Labour circus drags on

David Shearer

OPINION: Labour's three-ringed circus has taken the limelight away from the Government's handling of things, writes Vernon Small.

Sad state of state housing

Generic housing

OPINION: Once upon a time in New Zealand, state houses really were joyous places.

Reasons to doubt spy overhaul


OPINION: John Key will this month try to soften you up with a speech on "terrorism tourists".

Law is kinder to cattle

Calves feeding at a calfeteria

OPINION: It turns out some of us care more about cows than we do humans.

UN seat result nears

United Nations

OPINION: It has been a decade of high stakes schmoozing, but soon we'll know whether it worked to get a seat on the UN Security Council.

What's ahead for National?

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: After a chaotic and all consuming election campaign, it's business as usual for National.

Wild card could trump others

Andrew Little

OPINION: Andrew Little has breathed fresh life into a leadership race that had previously dwelt on personalities, finger pointing and recrimination.

Labour's dark horse

Andrew Little

OPINION: He's a rank outsider - but the party leadership could be within his grasp. | Little confirms bid

Slim pickings for Labour leader

Vernon Small

OPINION: Labour desperately needs something - make that someone - to spark public interest in its leadership stoush, writes Vernon Small.

Labour's gay conundrum

Grant Robertson

OPINION: Will Labour make history and choose its first openly gay leader?

Brownlee gets defence job

Gerry Brownlee and a digger

OPINION: Gerry Brownlee is once again leading the rebuild, but his other roles have changed significantly.

Winners, losers - and sideways

Vernon Small

OPINION: National's new lineup delivers a number of younger ministers and a group of rising women stars that will give his Cabinet a very different face by 2017.

NZ's facing a tough choice

OPINION: Should we stand by impotently as more hostages are murdered by ISIS? Or join another US-led crusade?

Secret diary of David Seymour

David Seymour

OPINION: MONDAY: I sat behind my new desk in my new office and my new phone rang.

Can Cunliffe rise?

David cunliffe

OPINION: The Labour leadership contest will be an ugly fight for control - but it could be a case of deja vu without the false niceness.

Time for a new broom

Duncan Garner

OPINION: If I led a major party and 76 per cent of voters rejected me in a general election, I'd resign on the night.

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