Key sledges Aussie during rare moment in the sun

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (L) and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key speak during a joint news conference on Abbott's first official two-day visit, in Auckland February 28, 2015. REUTERS/David Rowland/Pool (NEW ZEALAND - Tags: POLITICS)

OPINION: It was hardly an underarm joke, but John Key engaged in a little trans-Tasman sledging this week, only moments after announcing Tony Abbott is coming for Anzac celebrations.

Vernon Small: Surplus obsession so last election

Finance Minister Bill English and Prime Minister John Key should acknowledge that a marginal surplus or deficit is just so last election.

OPINION: Stark warning from Reserve Bank needs significant action from Government on May 21.

Phil Goff: why we will remember the Anzacs

Phil Goff

OPINION: Next Saturday, 100 years will have passed since Kiwi soldiers landed at dawn on Anzac Cove at the start of the Gallipoli campaign.

Deep waters ahead

Water flows out of a lagoon at Kaiteriteri.

OPINION: John Key is telling the nation there is nothing to fear over the long-running debate over iwi rights to freshwater.

Key's speech a fizzer video

John Key's pre-Budget speech underwhelmed.

OPINION: John Key made his first foray of the year into the age-old world of pre-Budget announcements and frankly it was a fizzer.

Beatings, teachings don't change child's nature

Columnist Joe Bennett

OPINION: Education matters and there are good and bad ways to go about it. But let us not kid ourselves that it moulds a child's nature.

National walking into water fight within

Surprisingly, John Key has avoided political headaches over the issue so far, but the Prime Minister will know this is a fire waiting to be lit.

OPINION: No matter how many times John Key repeats the Government's line that "no one owns fresh water", it has been clear for some time that National is moving towards granting preferential rights to Iwi.

It's time to junk the junkets - and send the Speaker packing

Speaker of the House, David Carter.

OPINION: There's a cosy convention in Parliament that MPs should not publicly criticise the Speaker.

MP perks can't be justified

06112014 News photo. Jarred Williamson/Fairfax NZ. An All-black Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on final approach at Auckland International Airport

OPINION: How is paying for a bunch of relative unknowns to be wined and dined across Europe somehow for the greater good?

Editorial: MP trip should be business

14/05/2013.Photo:Craig Simcox /copyright DominionPost/ Fairfax NZ
Speaker David Carter

The fuss over who paid for wives or girlfriends to accompany a group of MPs on a Europe trip may seem petty.

Tax plan a 'canny option'

ACT Party leader David Seymour.

OPINION: Sound like a good idea? Tick. It's fair. Tick. It's a tax cut. Where do we sign?

Have wife, will travel

Prime Minister John Key was bemused that MPs still get to take their spouses along, even in this day and age, and he won't be alone, says Tracy Watkins.

OPINION: Nice work if you can get it. Being a Kiwi MP seems to have some rare perks.

Playing the terror card a powerful election ploy

07042015 News Photo:David Walker/Fairfax NZ. Prime Minister John Key was in Bromley to officially open and tour the new Rylock factory.

OPINION: The impact of terrorism has played a part in many Western elections since 9/11.

Reshuffle likely as Nats rejuvenate

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murry McCully.

OPINION: Foreign minister Murray McCully and trade minister Tim Groser are likely to go soon.

Northland by-election dust starts to settle

NZ First leader Winston Peters on the night of his Northland by-election victory.

OPINION: John Key and his inner circle had two reasons to be thankful the morning after the Northland debacle.

New calculations after Northland vote

RUSSELL, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 28:  New Zealand First party leader Winston Peters is congratulated by supporters at The Duke Of Marlborough Hotel on March 28, 2015 in Russell, New Zealand. Peters has won the Northland by-election to replace the seat vacated by National Party MP Mike Sabin on January 30 this year.  (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

OPINION: Peters' win will boost the Opposition's mood and spread doubts on the Government back benches in equal measure.

Editorial: RMA reform not a lost cause

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 10:  New Zealand Prime Minister John Key talks to the media while Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy looks on at Parliament House on March 10, 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. Fonterra and Federated Farmers received anonymous letters in November last year, threatening to contaminate baby formula with 1080 unless New Zealand stopped using the poison for pest control by the end of March.  (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

National's attempt to change RMA runs into political roadblock for the second time.

Let the fingerpointing begin

National candidate Mark Osborne concedes by phone to Winston Peters at the Bay of Islands Golf Club in Kerikeri.

OPINION: The post-mortems in National over its crushing defeat in Northland will be long and hard and are already under way.

National's big wake-up

National Party candidate Mark Osborne couldn't get there. NZ First leader Winston Peters takes the Northland seat.

OPINION: Shockwave. That is what will be going through National after the Northland rout.

Crunch time for Northland

Katie Tito chats with Northland by-election candidate Winston Peters  in Dargaville during his whirl wind tour of Northland.

OPINION: The final day of the Northland by-election campaign has come down to one thing. Winston Peters versus John Key.

National has botched this by-election

Prime Minister John Key at Delta Produce Kumara in Dargaville.

OPINION: Winston Peters' lead, according to the latest poll, is so formidable that he is likely to win. John Key himself thinks so.

Reputations riding on Northland outcome

Tracy Watkins, Fairfax Press Gallery reporter.

OPINION: Did National pick the wrong candidate? Was it a blunder to make too many big spending promises? Did it choose the wrong campaign team?

Review to prove intel networks' value

Former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

OPINION: Livelihoods rely on protecting NZ's IT infrastructure, explain Andrew Colarik and Rhys Ball.

Catch-up time for teachers' pay

WAITING GAME: Finance Minister Bill English needs to get real about teacher salaries, says the PPTA.

OPINION: It's time for the Government to pick up the slack around teacher salaries, writes Angela Roberts.

GCSB spying claims 'disturbing'

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Revelations the GCSB snooped on rival candidates for the job are as disturbing as they are explosive, writes Tracy Watkins.

Health system trapped on waiting list

Tony Ryall, retiring from politics after next election.

OPINION: Retiring at the election, did former health minister Tony Ryall bail out at just the right time?

Can reptiles derail a new house?

This is a tale of a total abuse of the Resource Management Act and local council planning rules. The council said this must include "subcontracting a lizard specialist to assess whether a lizard management plan would also be needed".

OPINION: Officials needed to know whether lizards or native geckos exist at the property ... and whether their lives are in danger.

Keep MP pay transparent

04032015 News Photo Christel Yardley/Fairfax NZ
John Key was at the University of Waikato mixing with university students. 

OPINION: It's a blood sport anyone can play. Shooting at MPs in their fishy barrel.

Greens risk squandering legacy

Columnist Chris Trotter

OPINION: Russel Norman single-handedly gave the Greens economic credibility and that credibility may depart with him.

'Famous-est person' can afford a sly smile

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - SEPTEMBER 20:  New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters speaks to media and supporters at the Spencer on Byron Hotel in Takapuna on September 20, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand.  Voters head to the polls today to elect the 51st Parliament of New Zealand.  (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images)

OPINION: Are Northland voters about to inflict something of a trial separation from National?

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