'Menacing' dogs: My open letter stuff nation

"My biggest concern is with your labelling of dogs as 'menacing' and of 'high-risk' to the public," writes Lewis Nicholls.

OPINION: My open letter to MP Louise Upston: new dangerous dogs plan could result in the mass killing of dogs.

Tune in for the biggest show on Earth

Stage hands install part of the stage for the first U.S. presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

OPINION: Today's US presidential debate is set to be edge of the armchair viewing.

Paying the polluters

Lake Rotorua, overlooking Mokoia Island from above Wilson's Bay. Bay of Plenty Regional Council is paying a dairy farmer ...

Opinion: It's much cheaper not to pollute waterways in the first place than to pay to get pollutants out of freshwater once they are there.

Putting breeds in the dogbox video

The Government has been criticised by some animal welfare organisations for planned dog control restrictions on breeds ...

OPINION: The Government is copping flak from animal organisations - but many will support a crackdown.

'About time for those who have died'

Greg Drohan with his partner Mary, who donated him her kidney.

OPINION: A bill to help living people donate organs without losing money will make a real difference. Why did it take so long?

'Winston's salary should be docked'

Winston Peters: "This is electoral apartheid."

OPINION: A few men's egos got in the way of a hard-fought and momentous resolution to the Taranaki Treaty claim – the latest in a long, shameful history.

'Police top brass under siege'

OPINION: High turnover, payroll blowout and community station closures - this is a police force that deals with its problems by turning in on itself.

Why is Key backing Helen Clark?

Hel-jo? When did Team Key become Team Clark?

You probably thought you'd seen everything in politics until John Key came out singing Helen Clark's praises.

Let's make the sufragettes proud

Wellington rest home worker Kristine Bartlett in 2013 took a case under the Equal Pay Act that culminated in a Supreme ...

OPINION: Kiwi woman might have had the vote for more than 100 years but that doesn't make us equal.

Kids' safety over dog breeds

Stock image angry dog running at camera, aggressive dog, menacing, teeth

OPINION: Just ban dog breeds and be done with it.

The first draft of the NCEA level one maths exam

SATIRE: Do not expect the answers to be fair. Life is not fair. You might as well learn this now.

School students deserve better

Teachers protest this month against proposed changes to school funding.

Opinion: Twenty years after bulk funding was roundly rejected, a similar scheme has surfaced again.

After UN debate, Syrians wait

The Security Council in session.

OPINION: No one walked away from a NZ-chaired UN debate on Syria, but did it really achieve anything?

MPI emerges badly from Heron report

Michael Heron QC found MPI's decision not to prosecute fish dumpers was "flawed".

OPINION: In politics it's inevitably the cover-up, not the cock-up, that does the most harm.

Clark right to box on

Helen Clark says she's waiting for the final showdown for the UN secretary-general position.

OPINION: The odds on Helen Clark winning the top UN job are are not good, but there's no harm in staying in for now.

Key's big moment on Syria

A rebel fighter in Syria, where a resolution to the conflict remains elusive.

OPINION: Gulf between diplomacy and bloody reality never seemed wider than in New York on Tuesday.

John Key's New York slap-down video

John Key speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan.

OPINION: New Zealand not pulling our weight? Actually, we are, Key tells US audience.

Iwi deal 'game-changer' for Govt

Maori party co leader Marama Fox.

OPINION: The Kermadec Sanctuary deal is turning into a potential game changer for the Government.

NZ's chance to do our bit

President Barack Obama Prime Minister John Key see eye to eye on many issues, but what about refugee quotas?

Will John Key step up to Barack Obama's refugee challenge?

New York - a city on edge

New York City Police Department officers near the site of the blast.

OPINION: Huge security operation surrounding UN after New York blast takes sense of threat to new level.

Key and Clark in the crossfire video

Best of mates - John Key and Helen Clark in New York, where they plotted the next steps in the battle for Clark to ...

The UN is under intense scrutiny over failures in Syria - and former foes Helen Clark and John Key are right in the middle of it.

Labour leader must grow the beard

Is it time for Andrew Little to grow a beard?

OPINION: What will it take for Labour to win the next election?

Some fish are best left uncaught

A humpback whale and her calf migrating through Kermadec waters.

OPINION: Will John Key fold when it comes to over-riding Maori interest in the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary?

Sticks and stones

Don't label our kids. It's not helpful.

OPINION: Don't call NZ's rebranded government agency the Ministry for Vulnerable Children.

Dramatic start to Key's trip

Prime Minister John Key at the UN last year with Foreign Minister Murray McCully.

OPINION: A big week on the world stage for John Key just got bigger.

Nigel Latta: What do politicians do?

Nigel Latta's The Hard Stuff.

We vote for politicians, and pay their salaries, but we don't seem to trust them, writes Nigel Latta.

Life sentence for teens no option

Should 17-year-olds be left to the mercy of the adult court system? It's an age where they can still be influenced, so ...

OPINION: Teenagers make mistakes - should they be written off as a result?

City's radical past is hip again

Bass player Emma Hattaway warms up before a performance of "That Bloody Woman" at the Court Theatre.

OPINION: On the anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand, historian Katie Pickles ponders Christchurch's radical past.

Hear out case for MPs' digs

Winston Peters says it's no time for Parliamentary renovations when New Zealand has thousands of homeless people.

OPINION: If the price is right, let Parliament build a new office block.

Women's Minister must make a stand

Women's Minister Louise Upston has faced a hailstorm of criticism over her response to the Chiefs stripper scandal.

OPINION: Louise Upston has to stop taking a back seat on issues that matter.

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