Robertson key in Little's team

OPINION: Handling Grant Robertson and the party's "second power base" will be a key issue for Andrew Little as he puts his new team together.

The hard part begins for Little

OPINION: Can Andrew Little bury his loner status and unify Labour after his narrow victory?

'Dinosaur attitude' saved his face

OPINION: Roger Sutton's exit was stage-managed. But what about his victim?

The spin on Phillip Smith

OPINION: Paedophile Phillip Smith’s flight to Brazil was every government department’s PR nightmare.

Alas Smith and groans: Corrections has lost our trust

OPINION: What a total bloody shambles. Phillip John Smith has made fools of our Corrections Department.

The future for Labour


OPINION: The deaths of major political parties in Western democracies are often predicted but very seldom occur.

Inflating the terrorism risk

OPINION: "I don't want to overstate the risk," PM says. But only two passports cancelled this year.

Key speech: concerns, questions

John Key

OPINION: John Key's Guy Fawkes Day speech is not short of fireworks, writes Tracy Watkins.

Editorial: Govt must act on poverty

child poverty

OPINION: Unicef report on child poverty in rich countries since 2007 includes special criticism of New Zealand.

PM is slowly working the nation

John Key

OPINION: John Key's message is military action in Iraq and Syria may be an inevitable.

Going once, going twice

David Seymour

OPINION: Of all the MPs who might have asked awkward questions about National's state asset sales, few would have guessed it would be the ACT leader.

Gutsy decisions needed

One in five Kiwi kids live in poverty, apparently. It’s a startling figure.

The creeping social housing crisis

OPINION: National's social housing policy is ripe for accusations of privatisation by stealth and abandonment of govt's social obligations.

Secret diary of David Seymour

David Seymour

I give my maiden speech at Parliament tomorrow. Exciting!

No regrets from Peters

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Long considered one of Parliament’s snazzier dressers, there is one style Winston Peters has never found becoming – the hair shirt.

Focussing the message

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Labour Party rank and file know what impresses them in leadership race may not impress voters.

PM only when he wants to be

John Key

OPINION: Prime Minister John Key apparently morphed into "the leader of the National Party" the minute he heard Cameron Slater's voice.

Opening is about symbolism


OPINION: Credit where it's due, our politicians certainly got into the spirit of pomp and pageantry that marks the opening of Parliament.

Parliament's deja vu

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: This National Government looks a lot like the last one, writes Tracy Watkins.

Gruesome overtones subdue


OPINION: Parliament's pre-opening swearing-in of MPs is always a hybrid of Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe and the first day at kindy.

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