Election 2014: Caring for conservation


What kind of commitment does each party have to the environment? Find out here.

Election 2014: Moving on with transport


What plans do the parties have for transport after the election? Find out here.

Election 2014: Trading with the world

border security

Where does each party stand on trade, security and foreign affairs? Find out here.

Greens offer new baby package

Mother and baby

Greens promising every newborn baby a free "welcome pack" of essentials, to help them get a good start in life.

'10,000 new homes a year'

Hone Harawira

Families living in cars, garages, and cockroach-infested caravans shows NZ's in the midst of a housing crisis, Hone Harawira says.

Child poverty is solvable: Greens

Metiria Turei

More kids will suffer under a re-elected National government because it's "in denial".

Cunliffe defends asset scheme

winston peters

David Cunliffe is playing down claims its new asset fund is aimed at appeasing Winston Peters.

Fight over the middle ground

Jeennifer, Patrick and Brianna Gregg

The leadership of the nation will be decided by middle NZ, but how do they feel? | Key the man for NZ? | Can Cunliffe lead?

Election 2014: Getting social

baby child mother

What plans do the parties have for social welfare after the election? Find out here.

Election 2014: All things economic

Open purse and money

How would each political party handle the country's finances? Find out here.

Election 2014: Getting back to work

office worker

What is each political party offering to do about unemployment?

Free tertiary study promised

Hone Harawira

Free education and a universal student allowance should take priority over over tax cuts, Internet-Mana says.

Greens plug in motorists

electric car

Drivers of electric cars will get $1000 "cash back" payments under a Green government.

Tax-free not booze-funded: Craig

Colin Craig

Colin Craig rejects claims his party's plan to increase alcohol tax is to pay for its tax-free band policy.

Justice review 'well overdue'

jail cell

The Maori Party wants an investigation into what it calls the "institutional racism" in the justice sector.

Setting up house

house for sale

What will each political party to do help Kiwis buy or rent a house? Find out here.

Law and order


What will each political party to do deal with crime after the election? Find out here.

Glass a day keeps Greens away

Waihou River water

Piako farmer hits back at pollution claims by giving the Waihou River a good old-fashioned taste test to prove its purity.

Greens pledge $9m game grants


Game-makers would get grants worth $9 million over three years under the Greens' ICT policy.

Education and the election

School classroom

What education plans is each political party offering in the next government? Find out here.

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