Politics: Have your say

Get back to education basics

Education basics - A girl's hand writing


It's great our kids get to try exciting things at school, but not at the expense of reading, writing and maths.

Save your voting ink

Leader's debate

It's election time once again, and this time round I'm struggling to find a reason to vote.

If you were the PM...

john key

What would you do if you were the Prime Minister? Share your vision for New Zealand.

My beef with uni Arts funding

graduates - uni funding

Our unis are failing us by focusing on science and ignoring academia, languages and the Arts.

The school of politics

shcool books

What do you think needs to be done to improve the educational standards of young Kiwis?

Show us the election money


This election is missing something for the over 60s, like a return on our years of tax investments.

Vote for the greater good


Voting for your personal interests in this election is a wasted vote, Gerard O'Neil writes.

Men against violence

family violence

If we continue to ignore the need to address the behaviour of violent offenders, we will see no real change.

Dirty Politics ignores privacy

Hager strap

Why is no-one addressing the issue of stealing and publishing private emails? Derrick Wales writes.

A 'mandate' for dirty politics

john key

If National wins the election are we saying we endorse the kind of behaviour in Dirty Politics?

Yes, politics affects you

If Kiwis were stripped of the right to vote they'd be up in arms. Yet they don't exercise that right.

Voting is a job interview

John Key

Politicians are competing for a job to help run the country. By voting, you get to pick who succeeds.

Special needs losing out

Special needs education

A fortune is spent on special needs education but pupils and teachers are still not being helped.

Where's our pioneer spirit?

Pioneer spirit

Our forefathers broke the land in, now we're controlled by bureaucrats. What's happened?

Forget left and right


High food prices, immigration policies, dental costs - these are the issues that really matter to Kiwis.

Make your protest vote count

Ballot box

Stewart Andrews would rather vote for a party that makes jokes than one that's an unintended joke.

Changing Kiwi booze culture

drunken girls

NZ's binge-drinking culture has long been a source of nationwide debate, but how can we change our boozing ways?

Election should be about us

Political billboards

We need a system that promotes betterment for all Kiwis, not just the few, Lawrence Allen writes.

No way I wouldn't vote

Voting station

Nothing will stop Lizzie Shaw voting in this year's election - her last before becoming an Aussie citizen.

Your vote is your 'weapon'

Ballot box

No change will take place by sitting in your armchair and complaining, Peter Wilton writes.

I voted once, that was enough


Real change comes from the grassroots, and will take more work than ticking a box, Sam Buchanan says.

No confidence, no vote

Calling out non-voters for being lazy won't help the situation of a failing democracy, says Oren Oaariki.

Voting choice is a privilege


It is not sufficient to just vote, we need to vote wisely, not based on personality or sound bytes.

Politicians need reality check

John Key

Voters are forced to choose the party they find the least offensive to their values, Jeremy Arnold writes.

Voting is your 'responsibility'

From the Beehive

Voting is the only way to change the system from within a democracy, Rob Rattenbury

What makes my vote tick

Winston Peters

Karl Hutchins says he'll be lining up to vote this year, and hopes to see Winston as King Maker again.

Don't vote, can complain

dont vote strap

When 10 per cent of the population doesn't vote, it's apathy. But you can't dismiss 30 per cent.

Privacy wins over right to vote

Polling booth

The very freedom I am supposed to be voting for is taken away from me by the intrusion into my privacy.

Will you vote in this election?

voting strap

Lorde is urging young Kiwis to vote - but Russell Brand says that'll make people complicit in a broken system.

Imagine this for your child


Imagine arriving for school and knowing that other parents disapprove of your presence.

Politicians, go back to school

Teaching, teacher, whiteboard

Politicians need a lesson in education from the coal-face with teachers, Carly Avery writes.

Legal highs have got to go

legal highs

Non-voter takes a stand this election over fears legal highs will return to our shelves.

Three problems with housing

house for sale

The Government is far too soft on the housing crisis, Janneane Andrews writes.

One housing rung at a time


It's call the property ladder because more often than not you start at the bottom and climb.

Loans 'punish' the ambitious

student loan

Why are we pushing the educated people of New Zealand into more debt? Clark Williams writes.

The bad news first

for sale

House sales are languishing, but will pent up property pressure release soon?

NZ's climate in 'debt'

climate change melting glaciers

The zero-carbon future I'm working towards is so close I can pretty much taste it.

How to help Kiwis into homes


The cost of housing is shaping up to be a major election issue. What needs to be done?

No words for climate change

Native forest, Wainuiomata

If Dan Kelly had a chance to meet world leaders on climate change, he'd try to use more than words.

Help when I needed it

300 medic

I have diabetes and I can't fault the care I've received from specialists, doctors and nurses.

Your climate change message

carbon strap

If you could speak to world leaders about global warming, what would you say?

Labour's best step yet


The fact we have a group called "Quake Outcasts" at all is worrying, Lindsay Breach writes.

Futureproofing Kiwi families


Without addressing poverty, we won't see a decrease in family violence, Carolyn Cragg says.

Voting for families


This year's budget was meant to be for families, yet my family is no better off, Dougal Harding writes.

Supporting families in need


To stop family violence, society must support parents under stress, Susanne Grosswiler writes.

Save yourselves, Kiwis

coins money new zealand kiwi

Do not wait to have your hand out for a pension at retirement, do something for yourself now.

Can't 'cure' child abuse


We must show Kiwi kids there's a better way, and educate them to be great parents, Grant Magrath writes.

Make KiwiSaver progressive


Without safeguards, many elderly people would live in poverty when their health is slowly declining.

KiwiSaver: Where do you stand?


Is KiwiSaver a key issue when it comes to deciding which party you're likely to vote for?

Three ways to fight obesity


To battle obesity rates, the Government needs to educate, advertise and intervene, Zach Holland says.

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