Politics: Have your say

Why I'll be voting National

John Key

It's working under National and the others have no clue where they would go if they won.

A National Greens conundrum


If only a Green-National alliance was viable - that would keep our current leaders more honest.

Changes to tax system key


It's hard to narrow an election down to one issue, but on the whole it's mostly about tax.

A vote for our future

Girl silhouette

Children are the future of this country and our Government needs to do more to protect them.

Let's talk about tax


Unlike our neighbours over the ditch, we are taxed on the first dollar we earn.

No to synthetic cannabis

Legal Highs

I will vote for the party who will totally ban synthetic cannabis.

I'm a genuine swing voter

Maori Party

I've realised I'm a genuine swing voter and look forward to seeing if I'm part of another shift in our political environment.

What issues will get your vote?


What policies would get you to a polling booth in this year's election?

Lolly scramble, or serious issues?

Gary McManaway and Tony Fyfe

Politicians seem more interested in spending money than improving our country.

Growing social inequalities

Gary McManaway and Tony Fyfe

New Zealand needs to address the issue of growing social inequalities.

National have my vote


National have shown they can lead in tough times - that's what matters to me.

Faith in tech 'a cancer'

 school computer

Schools need to curb rampant spending on technology and free the curriculum from archaic assessment practice.

Election elephant in the room


Forget the flag-change distraction, the real issues are peak oil, global warming and capitalism.

Education reforms 'heartless'

Phillipstown School principal Tony Simpson leads a protest against closure.

The biggest threat to NZ's high-quality education system is political interference, Barry Thompson writes.

The best flags are simple

Been Benuane

Daniel Eyre says his NZ flag design is unpretentiously striking, unique and not ugly.

Does voting matter?

voting booth

With the election scheduled for September, there is no better time to discuss youth voter apathy.

'Teachers need to feel valued'


Parents need to ask more questions of the people making our education policies, Mags Delaney says.

A distinct emblem of NZ

Let's use the iconic images of New Zealand

Our flag needs to include the two iconic images of New Zealand: the Southern Cross and silver fern.

Schools put kids in 'boxes'

Classroom, students, pupils, teaching, school

My teacher friends are concerned for the well-being of their own children within the education system.

Classroom size 'unacceptable'


I have recently taken my child out of public school because of the teacher to student ratio, Mel Jones writes.

Students should come first

school generic

Parents asked for National Standards. Teachers need to get on with it, Philip Wilkinson writes.

Help parents help themselves

Paula Bennett

Parents need access to subsidies so they can make do for themselves, Kesa Edwards writes.

Education system ain't broke

Teaching, teacher, whiteboard

Brigid McCaffery says National's education policies are harming our previously great education system.

The right to choose religion


Religious instruction is the responsibility of parents and guardians, not public schools, Luella Wheeler says.

'Trust teachers to teach'

Schoolboy test, exam, test results, exam results, student, pupil

Mike Boon says the current government's education policies are 'demoralising' for teachers.

8 ideas for NZ's economy

economy generic

Here are eight ideas to correct the economy and allow our great nation to rise again.

Flag for our national identity

Benjamin Moore

New Zealand's flag must not represent our past or present, but our nation's essence, Benjamin Moore says.

Get politics out of schools

Air New Zealand generic

It appalls me that people making decisions about education have never been in charge of a classroom.

The school of politics

shcool books

What needs to happen in education policy to win your vote this election?

Give families a break

paid parental

Every Kiwi should have a chance to buy their own land, Elizabeth Duff writes.

The pressures of Career Mum

working mum

It is sad that in this day in age being a mum is considered by some as a handicap to doing your job.

Retirement a 'pipe dream'


Without immediate action to reform superannuation, we'll be looking at empty coffers, Rachel Coburn writes.

Power to the people

Power, electricity, power lines, power pole

With all this talk of power increases, I'm beginning to wonder how we can survive all this.

What should be on NZ's flag?

new zealand flag

Does our country's current flag represent you or would you like to see something fresh flying?

Playing politics in education


Education Policy over the past years has become Education Politics, writes Stephen Macartney

No-one paid for my kids

NZ money, cash

Helen Auger is sick of parents wanting and expecting help from the government, through her taxes.

Value of the family unit


I'll make up for this child rearing "holiday," but for now, a little more help Mr Government please.

From poor to working poor

coins money new zealand kiwi

Working for families? Well, it doesn't work for us with three kids and a whopping childcare bill.

Stop being selfish, NZ

money coins

Kiwi kids regularly go hungry and the attitude is if they're not my children, they're not my problem.

Tax help for parents


Working after having a baby is hard and it's made harder by the cost of childcare, Virginia Nichols writes.

Belt-tightening for baby time

Piggy Bank

With budgeting, adjustments and love, much can be gained from giving up work to mind a baby.

Raise made us poorer


Without both of my husband and I working, we would not be able to survive, Debra Bain writes.

Parents need help to work

mum and toddler

Mum of two Sam Jones thinks Government money should go to child care, not paid parental leave.

No incentives to work


I believe that if you work for an hour you should be better off than someone that hasn't.

Govt needs to act



The Govt must legislate against food manufacturers and supermarkets, Sue Pairaudeau says.

Scrap GST on fresh produce


Every time I see the supermarket prices on fresh fruit and vegetables, I wonder how a people cope.

Eating healthy not a choice


For a large per cent of the population, obesity is a purely financial problem, John Grieve writes.

Flag balances old and new


A new flag for New Zealand should be representative of our past and present, Barry McDonald says.

Drunkenness has had its day

Shot glass

We need a powerful, social marketing campaign to make drinking to excess socially unacceptable.

Enjoying life without booze

Child and alcohol

The thought of being drunk in front of my kids is revolting. How many Kiwi parents feel that way?

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