Politics: Have your say

Privacy wins over right to vote

Polling booth

The very freedom I am supposed to be voting for is taken away from me by the intrusion into my privacy.

Will you vote in this election?

voting strap

Lorde is urging young Kiwis to vote - but Russell Brand says that'll make people complicit in a broken system.

Imagine this for your child


Imagine arriving for school and knowing that other parents disapprove of your presence.

Politicians, go back to school

Teaching, teacher, whiteboard

Politicians need a lesson in education from the coal-face with teachers, Carly Avery writes.

The school of politics

shcool books

What do you think needs to be done to improve the educational standards of young Kiwis?

Legal highs have got to go

legal highs

Non-voter takes a stand this election over fears legal highs will return to our shelves.

Three problems with housing

house for sale

The Government is far too soft on the housing crisis, Janneane Andrews writes.

One housing rung at a time


It's call the property ladder because more often than not you start at the bottom and climb.

Loans 'punish' the ambitious

student loan

Why are we pushing the educated people of New Zealand into more debt? Clark Williams writes.

The bad news first

for sale

House sales are languishing, but will pent up property pressure release soon?

NZ's climate in 'debt'

climate change melting glaciers

The zero-carbon future I'm working towards is so close I can pretty much taste it.

How to help Kiwis into homes


The cost of housing is shaping up to be a major election issue. What needs to be done?

No words for climate change

Native forest, Wainuiomata

If Dan Kelly had a chance to meet world leaders on climate change, he'd try to use more than words.

Help when I needed it

300 medic

I have diabetes and I can't fault the care I've received from specialists, doctors and nurses.

Your climate change message

carbon strap

If you could speak to world leaders about global warming, what would you say?

Labour's best step yet


The fact we have a group called "Quake Outcasts" at all is worrying, Lindsay Breach writes.

Futureproofing Kiwi families


Without addressing poverty, we won't see a decrease in family violence, Carolyn Cragg says.

Voting for families


This year's budget was meant to be for families, yet my family is no better off, Dougal Harding writes.

Supporting families in need


To stop family violence, society must support parents under stress, Susanne Grosswiler writes.

Save yourselves, Kiwis

coins money new zealand kiwi

Do not wait to have your hand out for a pension at retirement, do something for yourself now.

Can't 'cure' child abuse


We must show Kiwi kids there's a better way, and educate them to be great parents, Grant Magrath writes.

Make KiwiSaver progressive


Without safeguards, many elderly people would live in poverty when their health is slowly declining.

KiwiSaver: Where do you stand?


Is KiwiSaver a key issue when it comes to deciding which party you're likely to vote for?

Three ways to fight obesity


To battle obesity rates, the Government needs to educate, advertise and intervene, Zach Holland says.

Hospital system 'a joke'



Eighteen months of unexplained, crippling, vomit-inducing, abdominal pain, and I finally got surgery.

A 'scary legacy' for our kids

glacier recede


OPINION: You don't have to be scientist to notice that the weather has been getting more and more extreme.

Health system 'abject failure'

silhouette girl

Why can't my daughter, with a mental age of a pre-schooler, get a hysterectomy?

Where are the youth policies?

voting booth


It's about time the politicians starting thinking about the nation's youth.

'Alive but no quality of life'



Patient care has got more complicated and we're keeping people alive longer with no quality of life.

NZ health care check up

hospital doctors

What are the gaps in our health care system and where does the money need to be spent?

Cunliffe correct on housing

David Cunliffe

Cunliffe has clearly identified his own migrant voter base as the reason for housing problem.

Investing in families

Fairfax NZ

More benefits for families bring long-term benefits for New Zealanders and businesses, Tibor Incze says.

Please, tax me more


Stephen Balme has a most unusual request. He wants the Government to charge him more tax.

How to help families


Vulnerable children and stressed parents are a big issue this election year. We want to know what you think.

Greens could get it right

school lunch

Gay Murray says with the Greens are closer to reality than any other party, when it comes to family.

'Sorry Auckland, you're full'


We cannot afford the continuous growth of Auckland at the expense of the rest of the country.

My better 2014 Budget

Piggybank piggy bank

What did you think of the Government's 2014 Budget? Share your views here.

Compulsory savings sting dads


With rising costs of living, it is becoming difficult to survive after paying child support.

In defence of single mothers

Paula Bennett

Being a single mother is not a personal indulgence. Many desperately need support, Tracy Merson writes.

Tax breaks for disabled?


All I really want is to be able to live my life with independent integrity, Sally Champion writes.

Welfare undermines mums

mother baby


Families are vulnerable when society puts profit before people, Karen Holmes says.

Can't afford to work

empty wallet


Welfare creates a massive waste of human potential that's hard to avoid, Mark Chiddicks writes.

Reserve Bank 'illogical'

Graeme Wheeler


Raising interest rates to decrease inflation is like pouring petrol on a fire to put it out, Ciaran Keogh writes.

Welcome to the poverty trap


There's a degree of security associated with a benefit, Ian Boag writes.

Child poverty a 'beat up'

State houses

Welfare should be a way to get someone's life on track, not a lifestyle choice, David Holden says.

Have we got welfare right?

Child poverty

What needs to happen in welfare policy to win your vote this election?

Seeking solace in synthetics

legal highs

If you have even the slightest hint that your child is using synthetics, use a few old school tactics on them.

Legal highs ban 'hypocritical'

synthetic cannabis

It's pretty evident that synthetics are harmful and should be removed, Shane Garnett writes.

We need 'drug licences'

synthetic cannabis

We need a system that lets people take responsibility for what they put into their bodies.

Synthetics are the symptom

Synthetic highs

New Zealanders have learned the hard way that legal does not necessarily mean safe.

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