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Silver fern is 'our only choice'

silver fern flag

The fern may not be unique to New Zealand, but to the world it IS New Zealand, writes Tim Pate.

Labour's 'slow death' denial

David cunliffe

Labour is in meltdown. The sideshow continues, but it's not really that funny, Bevan Berg writes.

Why Labour is losing my vote

David Cunliffe

I have voted Labour in every election since 1975. But I won't be doing that again unless things change.

Time to make voting easier

Ballot box

Would online voting get the missing million voters to the polling booths? Tony Duffy thinks so.

Labour roots need to go deep


Labour needs more than a few good policies to stand any chance of making a difference, writes Patricia Gabric.

A new leader's not enough

David Cunliffe


David Cunliffe's semi-resignation doesn't address the real reasons Labour failed so badly in the election.

A flag for NZ's best bits

Something old, something new and plenty of pride has gone into Dave Mabbott's flag design.

Union Jack needs to go

How would the New Zealand flag look without the Union Jack? Joel Wiramu Pauling shares his ideas.

Labour's a massive mess

Labour logo

We've ended up with a Labour caucus of independent MPs who can't even agree on what went wrong.

Cunliffe isn't the problem

David Cunliffe

It was Labour's policies, not their leader, that caused them to lose the election so badly, writes Sue O'Neill.

Labour needs a makeover

David Cunliffe


Labour has become out of sync with modern voters and needs to reinvent itself, Lawrence Allen writes.

Easy to mess up flag decision


At some point, something will force us into changing our flag so we need to consider our options now.

Robertson 'best of the bunch'

Grant Robertson

David Cunliffe didn't have long enough in the job to prove himself as leader of the Labour Party.

Nobody deserves my vote


If I can only pick one of a dozen bad apples, I would rather go hungry than feel sick later. Same applies to voting.

What now for Labour?


As Labour grapples with its worst election result in 92 years, we want to hear your views on what went wrong.

It's our right not to vote


Democracy is a privilege, but the notion that voting is a civic duty is deeply flawed, writes Simon Dee.

A flag full of symbolism

A new flag design to symbolise our multicultural future while still keeping references to our past.

A new flag for a new era

We should have the courage to choose a national flag that focuses on our future, not our past.

Would $1,000 buy your vote?

NZ money

A simple lottery for voters that gives you a decent chance of winning would surely get more people voting.

Messing with NZ flag 'a sin'

new zealand flag

I would rather see the money it would take to stage a flag referendum spent on making our country better.

Not voting is the only choice

From the Beehive

The people who don't vote are the only ones who have a right to complain about the government.

The best of both for new flag

There is a way to combine all that's important to New Zealanders in one flag, writes Josh Chapman.

Our vote does very little

Election voting paper

After not voting in the last election, this time we did. But it still doesn't feel like our opinion was heard.

Bring the voting to the people


Don’t expect fed up, tired and busy people to go out of their way to contribute to a system they're not interested in.

High price for flag change

New Zealand flag

There's a lot of "time for a change" rhetoric about New Zealand's flag with no substance to the argument.

'Politicians can't be trusted'

Voting signs

I've asked lots of people why they didn't vote in the election and all their answers reflect a similar theme.

Flag change debate 'stupid'

New Zealand flag

Changing the flag for the sake of it is silly. If we need anything it's unifying, not further fragmentation.

What should be on NZ's flag?

new zealand flag

Does our country's current flag represent you or would you like to see something fresh flying?

Fewer jobs, more problems

Job ads

Permanent work is almost impossible to find and there's still a severe lack of special needs funding.

John Key owes me $6000

john key

Beneficiaries need at least a $50 per week pay rise just to keep pace, Martin Buck writes.

Get rid of tax on exports

Piggy bank

Alan Peacock makes a case for dropping company tax on exports to strengthen New Zealand's economy.

Leaders' debate top comments

Last leaders' debate

"I think that it was such a rabble, that even the NSA gave up listening." Your views on the leaders' debate.

Minimum wage is no answer

NZ money, cash

Any political party worth their salt would remove minimum wage from the political agenda.

This is the root of NZ's ills

Piggy Bank

It's time we looked after our family assets instead of belittling and abusing them, Rene Smit says.

Here's what matters to a Kiwi

nz flag

Note to politicians: please stop making short-term plans and buying votes. Here's what we need to focus on.

Old idea may be key to future

House keys

Imagine our economy if young couples didn't need to bust their guts to buy a first home, writes Alan Peacock.

Good way to stop bad drivers


Scrapping the restricted licence and zero alcohol rule for young drivers are just part of John Clarkson's plan.

People are NZ's biggest asset

Many hands

The average Kiwi is struggling, but there are good people out there and you need to pull together, not pull apart.

Asset rich, cash poor

House keys

Migration and a housing shortage have increased the value of our home, but we're worse off day to day.

'Money-grabbing ethos' of NZ

Generic money

New Zealand used to be a low cost, low wage economy. What happened? asks immigrant Nick Wall.

No hope of home ownership


Under the current government, our pay hasn't kept up with the cost of living and owning our own home is out of reach.

Are you better or worse off?

Money being taken from a wallet

After six years of the current government, is your family reaping the rewards or struggling to cope?

Divert city growth to regions

Auckland skyline

As demand on Auckland's resources rises, Bevan Read suggests diverting the city's growth elsewhere.

Minimum wage is no answer

dollar coin

Jacob Smith tries to shed some light on the economic impacts of increasing the minimum wage.

Improving Beehive decisions

From the Beehive

A population cap and mainstream holistic medicine would be among Bradley Cranston's policies as PM.

What Aucklanders want

Sky Tower

What issues matter to Aucklanders and where should the Goverment be spending money in your city?

Basic economics to help us all

Budgets and finance

When it comes to sorting out New Zealand's problems, it's as simple as A, B, C, writes Will Hutson.

Our democracy is broken

It's not just the voting system, but the mass disengagement of the voting population that needs to change.

We deserve better than this

John Key and National's deputy leader Bill English (R) at the official launch of the National Party campaign.

Whichever party you support, we deserve more from our government than we're currently getting.

Judith Collins: Top comments

Judith Collins

Judith Collins' sister likened the MP to Princess Diana and our comments inbox nearly melted.

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