Labour jumps in poll


Labour handed some rare good news on the last day of the current Parliament, with a new poll showing a rebound in fortunes.

Support for minor parties drops

Peter Dunne

OPINION: Dunne, Peters and Craig celebrate milestones but there's little else to cheer about.

Low voter turnout likely


Which party stands to lose the most from a low voter turnout at the polls?

Cunliffe a Labour liability


Labour would get an immediate lift in the polls if it dumped leader David Cunliffe, a new poll suggests. | Poll graphics

Labour's poll woe deepens

john key

Our latest poll shows Labour struggling to dent National's huge lead. | Analysis | Full results

Tax cuts not high on priorities

Generic money

National is downplaying the promise of tax cuts, signalling that other policy pledges will take priority.

Voter apathy 'could spell defeat'

john key

PM delivers sobering message to National faithful, warning defeat's a real prospect in September's election.

Political shakeup brewing?

'There's growing anger and resentment'

tony milne

National may be a long way ahead in the polls nationally but does it have reason to be concerned in Christchurch?

Using immigration to cool housing

Generic housing

Labour to turn on and off migration tap to dampen overheated housing market.

Key wants to stick around

John Key

John Key says he intends to serve a full third term, and would like to win a rare fourth too.

Voters want dolphins protected

Maui dolphins

New Zealanders are more likely to vote for political parties that will protect Maui's dolphins, opinion poll shows.

Will Key hang around?

John Key

OPINION: Odds on John Key completing third term appear to have dropped significantly after the release of his biography, writes Tracy Watkins.

Under-30s slow to enrol

Gary McManaway and Tony Fyfe

Almost a third of eligible voters under the age of 30 have not enrolled to vote in the general election.

Immigration hysteria falls flat

beehive parliament

OPINION: Political dog whistling on immigration is so high-pitched voters can't pick it up.

Dismal poll adds to Labour woes

david cunliffe and john key

OPINION: Labour MPs were shattered by yesterday's revelations, but Cunliffe continues to deny wrongdoing.

Labour plummets

David Cunliffe

Labour's support slumps to lowest level since 2011 election. | Analysis | Key hints at more dirt

The deal with the Conservatives?

Stephen Mills

OPINION: Time is running out on a deal where National surrenders an electorate to the Conservatives.

Interest rates influence electorate


National's warnings about a free-spending Labour government appear to struck a chord with voters.

Budget 2014: what we want

Nz dollars

Help for first-home buyers should top the list, voters say. | Interactive poll | Opinion: Vernon Small

National riding high in poll


Labour says misplaced faith in economy boosted National in latest poll. | Steady as she goes | By the numbers | Green Bank

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