Labour would ban fast trucks

Durham St traffic jam

Labour pledges to cut trailer and caravan regos and ban trucks from the fast lane - but National says it's a joke.

Act elects new deputy leader

Kenneth Wang

Man who "personifies Act's values of freedom and enterprise" elected by party board as deputy leader.

Greens open to Mana talks

Metiria Turei

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says they are open to talks with the Mana Party but that any electorate deals are unlikely.

Zaoui lawyer works with Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

Lawyer who once criticised David Cunliffe for not allowing refugee's family into NZ is now his deputy chief of staff.

Les Mills boss takes on Nats

Labour Party

Prominent businessman Phillip Mills calls Govt's response to climate change "morally reprehensible", throws support to Labour and Greens.

No debates until campaign starts: Key

david cunliffe and john key

PM refuses to debate housing policy with Labour leader until election campaign, after earlier signalling he was happy to go head-to-head.

Key defends pricey dinner


John Key says there's nothing unethical about charging $5000 a head to sit and chat with Maori Party guests.

Mana-Dotcom talks split

Hilda Halkyard-Harawira

While Mana leader Hone Harawira's wife is among those concerned about alliance with Internet Party, the party is setting its sights on new electorate deals.

What issues will get your vote?


What policies would get you to a polling booth in this year's election?

Make KiwiSaver universal: Labour

Reserve Bank of New Zealand dollar notes

Labour reignites calls for KiwiSaver to be made universal, amid findings the NZ Super Fund, scrapped in the 70s, could've been worth $278b.

MPs in royal jockeying

Handshakes with William and Kate

OPINION: The royals had a day off to recover from jet lag yesterday, but it didn't stop politicians from jostling.

NZ First: Show class over royals

David Cunliffe

Winston Peters blasts "obsequious subservient photo-opportunity behaviour" by NZ politicians.

Budget deficit worsens

Treasury Crown accounts

Worsening budget deficits raise serious questions about National's management of the economy, Labour says.

Conservatives unveil candidates

Colin Craig

The Conservatives have announced their first two candidates.

Labour needs sense of urgency

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Labour's economic counter so far under Cunliffe has been low-key and delivered largely from the regions.

Ranting man cuts off Cunliffe

David Cunliffe

Labour leader forced to cut press conference short after angry citizen starts hurling abuse.

Focus right, Cunliffe insists

David Cunliffe

Despite sliding polls, Labour leader David Cunliffe says the "left-right balance" will ensure September's election is a tight one.

Labour's first shot backfires

Labour Party

OPINION: Labour's high hopes of gaining traction in the National stronghold of Ilam got off to a false start yesterday.

Politicians meet Pakuranga's people

Shane Jones

Colin Craig and Shane Jones vied for votes at a public meeting hosted by Grey Power.

Colin Craig launches action

TAKING ACTION: Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.

Comments by Green Party leader will expose Colin Craig to "public hatred, ridicule and contempt", a defamation claim states.

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