Internet Party votes forecast

KIM DOTCOM: Internet Party creator.
KIM DOTCOM: Internet Party creator.

Kim Dotcom's Internet Party will win 1.1 per cent of the votes at this year's election according to early predictions on Victoria University's iPredict forecasting site.

IPredict lets people take a punt on topical events by buying contracts that pay out if their forecasts prove accurate. Its forecasts are often closely followed by politicians and the media.

The contract on the Internet Party's election chances was only launched on Sunday, so may be volatile.

Interim party secretary Vikram Kumar was not downcast at the low contract price. "I would say there was an opportunity for someone to make some money there," he said.

The Internet Party did not register on a 3 News-Reid Research opinion poll published on Sunday.

Kim Dotcom has said he is confident the party will poll above the 5 per cent threshold needed to guarantee seats in Parliament.