Logo no go, Nelson no go, and same goes for 1080

Last updated 11:50 10/10/2008
HAYLEY GALE/The Nelson Mail
NO GO: The Electoral Commission has scotched Reg Turner's plan to register this logo for a political party, saying it was likely to confuse voters.

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A Golden Bay man wanting to start a new political party is angry that the Electoral Commission will not register its logo.

Reg Turner plans to launch The New Zealand Representative Party on Monday with the logo.

However, the commission decided last Friday that it would not register the logo. The commission said it believed that it was likely to confuse electors because it was a well-known brand associated with commercial and other uses.

Mr Turner was furious, saying the logo was the essence of the party.

It was not a brand and was just a device, like a smiley face, he said.

Mr Turner said he would go ahead with his party launch in the Senior Citizens Hall in Takaka at 7.30pm on Monday.

Ironically, he is starting the party because he opposes the party political system and wants to change it.

He said the party system created "party puppets".

Instead, he wanted to create a party that would represent the majority of voters who did not belong to the mainstream "right wing" National or "left wing" Labour parties, who wanted a parliament of elected representatives who were chosen by their constituents.

The New Zealand Representative Party has no policies. Instead, it would seek the opinion of voters on issues such as anti-smacking legislation and the Internet made it easy to do that, he said.

Its representatives, through debate in the House, could also choose the policies from the major established parties that would best move the nation into the future, he said.

Mr Turner hoped the party, which is unregistered, would be an umbrella group of independent MPs.

He has previously stood as an independent MP in Tarawera and Rotorua, and as an ACT candidate for Bay of Plenty and Rotorua.

He started the Solitaire Luxury Lodge at Lake Tarawera and Cassimir Lodge near Tauranga and now has Song of the Tui, accommodation in Golden Bay, where he is also an artist.

Mr Turner will stand for the West Coast Tasman electorate in the November 8 election. He is the sole NZRP candidate. Eventually, in later elections, he hopes to have 60 NZRP candidates.

Nelson voters will not get to meet one of their election candidates.

United Future's candidate for the Nelson electorate, Kelvin Deal, lives in Whakatane and says he won't be coming to Nelson for the election campaign.

Asked why he was standing for election in Nelson, he said, "Because nobody else is."

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United Future allocated the Nelson electorate to him.

He has supported the party's Whakatane branch for the past five elections and its MP, Judy Turner.

Mr Deal, 66, is an accountant whose chief hobby is biblical finance.

He chairs the Liberty Trust, a charitable trust that lends interest-free mortgages. The trust has lent $13 million in 215 mortgages.

It was about the community helping one another, said Mr Deal.

The trust had never had a problem with anyone paying and it now lent 100 percent mortgages, he said.

Kiwi Party candidate for the Nelson electorate Robin Westley wants a ban on the aerial dropping of 1080 poison.

Mr Westley, who has a 3ha property at Lower Moutere, said, "We're told if you put too much fertiliser on the land it will get into the waterways, but they reckon aerial drops of 1080 do not affect the water.

"It does not add up to me. In some areas where 1080 is dropped, the water is used for human consumption, and there is evidence of native birds being killed."

He supports his party's policy of regular binding referenda on controversial issues.

The party will hold its Nelson launch on Friday, October 17 at 7.30pm at the Elim Christian Centre, 625 Main Road, Stoke, where MP Gordon Copeland will be the guest speaker.

- The Nelson Mail

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