Weirdest flag changes in history


Flag changes have always been symbolic for nations. Here are five designs that have made history.

OPINION: Why I'm voting my daughter's choice in the flag referendum

Colleges to share site

The Marlborough Boys' College in Blenheim.

Marlborough Boys' and Marlborough Girls' College to be co-located, costing $63 million.

Confronting abuse

Child, Youth and Family Chief Social Worker Paul Nixon will be joining us for a live chat to answer your questions on child abuse policy.

Catch up on our discussion with chief social worker Paul Nixon.

Deteriorating mental health 

Karolina Roberts says that Wiki had had a difficult upbringing, spending time in foster care while in Australia.

Girlfriend of a Kiwi detainee says she is worried about his deteriorating mental health as he fights his visa cancellation.

Detention of Kiwis 'crude'

Labour leader Andrew Little says he will see whether any Kiwis being held at a Sydney detention centre need support.

Stories from Kiwi detainees in Sydney show how "crude" Australia's policy is, Andrew Little says.

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Govt can't afford another broken promise

New Zealanders need to look at the faces of these children - they were all killed due to abuse or maltreatment.

OPINION: It's expected to be the biggest reform since CYF was set up, so it had better do something. 

'Quit fossel fuels before they kill us'

OPINION: Deliberately, knowingly, destroying the stable climate on which our civilisation depends, is insane.

'Join Australia? Mate, you're dreaming'

Jacinda in da House

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