Key softens on refugees

With hundreds of thousands of migrants risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean, Key's rejection of an emergency intake of refugees could soon wear thin.

GRAPHIC WARNING: As devastating photos of a drowned boy bring refugee crisis into focus, PM seems to soften on quota.

Should New Zealand take more refugees?

Nauru aid suspended

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has called a temporary halt to New Zealand's aid contribution to Nauru's Justice sector.

New Zealand has suspended its aid contributions to justice in Nauru over ongoing human rights concerns.

Best flag not among the four

The tino rangatiratanga flag should and will one day fly proudly as the New Zealand flag, argues political commentator Chris Trotter.

OPINION: It's a flag that speaks directly to this country's past, present and future - why isn't it the first choice?

Greens soften on farmers video

Green Party co-leader James Shaw has suggested easing farmers into a carbon tax with a five-year grace-period.

Greens outline plan to fight global warming - but soften stance on making farmers pay controversial carbon tax.

School to get Bill Gates' help?

Marc Holtzman has planned to ask Microsoft founder Bill Gates, above, and other acquaintances to help raise $10 million - $15 million for the school, according to the NZ Herald.

Wealthy US businessman reportedly plans to ask Bill Gates to help fund Queenstown charter school.

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Backlash on tough refugee stance

Refugees camp for the night in front of the Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary. The station had been closed to them by Hungarian riot police.

8:06 PM  OPINION: OPINION: Key realises he's wrong on refugee plight.

Pull the other one Prime Minister

OPINION: When is an MP not an MP? Prime Minister John Key knows the answer to that one.

They're not migrants stuff nation

Best flag not included among the final four

beehive live

Beehive Live: Almost recess

New Zealand flags fly in front of The Beehive.

It's the last day of the sitting week, but there's no rest for MPs just yet.

Live: Health and Safety bill back

The controversial Health and Safety Reform Bill is back before Parliament today.

Labour MP Sue Moroney's paid parental leave bill is before Parliament today.

Live: Paid parental leave

Two big Bills are up before the House for debate today.

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