Plunket preps seat for George's visit

06:03, Apr 04 2014
MOBILE THRONE: Plunket car seat services technician Aethalia O'Connor shows the seat that will be used for Prince George during the Royal's visit to New Zealand.

It might have been a throne fit for a future king, but as far as Plunket car-seat safety specialist Aethelia O'Connor was concerned it was just another installation job.

When 8-month-old Prince George is whisked from Wellington Airport to Government House in the royal limo on Monday he will snuggle securely, thanks to Plunket's Johnsonville car-seat service.

It fell to O'Connor to check the safety of one of the world's most famous babies, fitting a seat provided to Plunket by Buckingham Palace to a limousine akin to one that George will travel in.

While she rated it the most important installation she'd done, it was no different to her usual work, other than having a photographer recording all the action, she said.

"I treat every car seat as exactly the same, it needs to be installed correctly," she said.

"If it can't be installed correctly we need to work out a way we can make it correct.


"We need to make sure the baby is safe."

While O'Connor couldn't recall seeing a similar seat in her two years as a technician, it took "under five minutes" to install.

Surely she nervously checked and rechecked, given her clients?

"You check as you go. It was an easy install, it fitted beautifully into the car. That's all you can do from an installing perspective," said O'Connor, who has a toddler of her own.


* Every child must be restrained in a car seat or booster seat, on every car trip.

* The safest place for all car seats is in the back, away from airbags in car dashboards.

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