Prince George: What's he like?

19:59, Apr 08 2014
Prince George
EIGHT MONTHS OLD: Prince Geoge might need more cuddles and attention than usual if he is teething.

Prince George may be in the country, but he will be barely visible to the hoi polloi during his stay.

So if he were completely average, ridiculous as that idea may seem, what would he be like?

Born on July 22 last year, he is more than 8 months old. At this age he may have his first four baby teeth – at the front, two on the top and two on the bottom.

As he is teething he could well be grizzly, dribble more than usual, and his sleep may be interrupted. If he is finding the process uncomfortable, he could need more cuddles and attention.

Sometime about now he could start to move, possibly crawling, or maybe he will favour the speedier but messier method of moving like a crab. Maybe he will just shuffle on his bottom.

He may be able to pull himself up to stand in his cot, which could mean some difficulties getting him to sleep.

The young prince may have become attached to a blanket, a toy, or a piece of his parents' clothing. Maybe he's sucking his thumb.

He might be responding to his name, be looking around for sounds, understand "no" and "bye-bye", babble in a way that sounds like speech, try to talk back, and copy sounds.

He could be having fun banging toys together, or moving them, or chasing them.

With George now eating a small range of food, changes will also be noticeable at the bottom end, particularly the smell and nappy contents.