Prince George has a play date with Kiwi kids

19:23, Apr 09 2014
Eden Alve, Plunket baby meeting Prince George
Eden Alve.
Levi Birch with his mum Tui Funaki, Plunket baby to meet Prince George
Levi Birch with his mum Tui Funaki.
Amelia Hower, Plunket baby to meet Prince George
Ameila Howe.
Isabella McRae, plunket baby to meet Prince George
Isabella McRae.
Lily Gray, Plunket baby to meet Prince George
Lily Gray.
Sophie Bainbridge, Plunket baby to meet Prince George
Sophie Bainbridge.
Paige Stevens, Plunket baby to meet Prince George
Paige Stevens.
Lukas Colling
Lukas Collinge.
Ee-Fann Lau-Huang, Plunket baby to meet Prince George
Ee-Fann Lau-Huang.
Tagliilima 'TJ' Lemalie, Plunket baby to meet Prince George
Tagliilima 'TJ' Lemalie.

For Prince William it was the buzzy bee, for his son Prince George the Mary-Lou doll.

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When a much younger William visited New Zealand with his parents in 1983 there was great moment when he played with the iconic buzzy bee on the lawn of Government House.

Prince George's Plunket playdate
IT'S MINE! Prince George rocking a fine pair of overalls joins in the meeting and greeting with his mum, the Duchess of Cambridge.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
Prince William chats with the crowd at the Plunket event.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
Getting down to the serious business of playtime with mum.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
Prince George is making Kiwi friends already.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
The gaze of a future king.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
Look at those cheeks, you just want to squeeze them don't you?
Prince George's Plunket playdate
Kate's cooing seems to be wasted on the young prince.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
NICE MUMMY: Aw bless, Prince George showing some love for his mother.
Prince George
Prince George plays with toys.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
...Or maybe he was just a little peckish?
Prince George
Prince George looks like he wants mummy.
Prince George
Prince George gets his hands on the goodies.
Prince George Plunket playdate
The duchess picks up a Mary Lou doll, tossed by the little prince.
Prince George and his mum
Getting down. Prince George and his mum, Kate Middleton, get into the groove.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
Prince on the move!
Prince George's Plunket playdate
Making new friends means new toys, right G?
Prince George's Plunket playdate
Now that's a stuffed toy. Prince George gets his own Plunket NZ bear.
Prince William, Kate and George
A super cute moment involving a quick cuddle with mum.
Prince George's Plunket playdate
The little prince's Plunket book.

His son was keen on a toy today too, it just happened to be in Eden Alve's hands.

George wanted to interact with the other babies from the start, reaching for fellow baby Lily Gray while she was being held in her mother Alana's arms.

His royal prerogative shone through, however, when he took a shine to a Mary-Lou doll in possession of young Eden. He reached for the doll, and snatched it from Eden, before throwing it to the floor.



His mum Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, smiled as she picked it up.

Happy chatter and gurgles filled the room as babies crawled between the legs of their parents, the royals and Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae.

Occasional wails broke out but on the whole the babies behaved admirably on an occasion which will be retold to them their whole lives.

At 3.30pm all 11 sets of parents sat in a circle on the thick carpet, the babies getting stuck into their toys while the parents talked.

The young prince's mum was dressed in a knee-length black and white patterned dress, with black high-heel shoes.

Prince William chatted easily with parents, dressed in a blue shirt, dark blue jeans, a brown and white patterned belt and brown loafers.

Kate's knee-length Tory Burch dress was chosen for its black and white colour theme, New Zealand colours, a royal press secretary said.

At 4pm the royal family left the engagement, leaving the other parents to exchange their views on the most remarkable play date their children are likely to go on.

Grant and Magda Collinge, whose baby Lukas played with George, said the royal couple were enjoying New Zealand "except for the weather".

George was a big baby and was not afraid to get stuck in and take charge, Grant said. At the beginning of the playdate George crawled straight to the middle of the toy pile, and took a particular shine to a drum toy, he said.

Porirua early childhood teacher Shiela Tagulimae said the prince was advanced for his age - the prince was hauling himself up to standing against objects while her own son, TagiiLima, was not yet ready to stand.

George was a lot more bold than TagiiLima, known as TJ, Shiela said. TJ was unsettled and a bit weepy, and kept himself to the outside of the circle, she said.

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