Royal protester: I'm retired

20:11, Apr 09 2014
I'M RETIRED: Sam Bracanov.
I'M RETIRED: Sam Bracanov.

Serial anti-royal demonstrator Sam Bracanov says he has retired from anti-monarchy protests and has nothing planned for when the royals visit Auckland tomorrow.

A British security expert has already complained about the royal itinerary being widely publicised, but should have nothing to fear from one of the country's most vigorous republicans.

Bracanov, a 77-year-old Mangere pensioner, has a long history of staging protests at royal visits, but told Fairfax Media this week that he had given up and had no plans to interrupt the visit of Prince William, Kate and baby George.

Police have long been aware of Bracanov, who was arrested in Auckland in 2012 as he prepared to protest against the visiting Prince Charles and Camilla.

He was apprehended with a bucket of horse manure, later telling reporters: "Royalty smells, so what difference does it make if I hit them?"'

At the time, he said his campaign would continue.

"I was not successful. I will wait till next time," he said.

Bracanov was also fined for spraying air-fresheners at Charles during a 1994 tour to "remove the stink of royalty".