Baby gets own boat

11:50, Apr 11 2014
Boat for Prince George
BABY BOAT: The young prince won't be able to sail this boat for a few years yet.

Prince George now has what every 8-month-old needs - his own amphibious boat.

It was waiting for his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, when they got off the real thing, at Hobsonville, Auckland.

After zipping across the harbour in a Sealegs-designed craft, then driving up a marina boat ramp in it, the royals were confronted with a quarter-sized version - all neatly done up in a red bow.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in Auckland
PLAIN SAILING: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were ferried about on a full-sized version of George's new toy.

It's a bit big for George to fit in the bath, at nearly three metres long.

Sealegs chief executive David Glen said the boat had no power, but could be towed by hand across the land, and in the water. It had retractable wheels.

"It's a one-off," he said.

"Kate was disappointed George wasn't here to try it out today. They are looking forward to using it next summer."

Albany-based Sealegs will ship the craft to Britain for the royals.