Not all are loyal to the royals

04:59, Apr 12 2014
royals trousers
IT'S A LOOK: Joy Verissimo wears her pants with pride. And it seems William didn't mind at all.

One daring fashion choice stood out as Cambridge welcomed the royal visitors - images taken from the most notorious anti-royal song ever written.

''God save the Queen, the fascist regime. God save the queen. She ain't no human being, there is no future, in England's dreaming.''

With those words John Lydon and the Sex Pistols caused outrage during Elizabeth's silver jubilee year of 1977.

Joy Verissimo wore leggings with cover art from the Sex Pistols single emblazoned across them when William and Kate visited her husband Christopher's Pacific Aerospace workshops outside Cambridge today.

The Duke and Duchess' reaction has not been recorded. Verissimo's fashion statement was noticed by the horde of photographers accompanying the royal couple and has already appeared on several British news sites.


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