Anticipation of a royal event - or not

02:12, Apr 13 2014
tired boys
TIRED: Young Tyler Marr of Oamaru, right, with mum Annie and brother Izekiel, spills tears of tiredness after waiting hours for the royals in Duendin Octagon.

While some people had waited a long time to see the royal couple, others hadn't realised just what was happening in Dunedin today.

Young Tyler Marr, of Oamaru, spilled tears of tiredness after patiently waiting hours to see the royals at the Dunedin Octagon. 

But others passing through the Square were bemused by the crowds.

RED FACED: Irish tourists Connor Long and Lucy McCarthy out for a jog when they came across royal watchers in the Octagon.

Two Irish joggers, Connor Long and Lucy McCarthy, out on a Sunday morning jog through the Octagon while visiting Dunedin for a couple of days, got more than they bargained for. They were unaware the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were due to arrive in the centre city to participate in a church service at St Paul's Cathedral.

"What's going on here?", asked Long, spotting the crowd. He was then informed of the impending event.

"Oh we knew they were here in New Zealand," said McCarthy.

"But we didn't realise they were down here."


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