Multiple twins make royal contact

TWIN VISIT: Five sets of twins got to meet the royal pair in Christchurch.
TWIN VISIT: Five sets of twins got to meet the royal pair in Christchurch.

Mondays usually mean coffee and cake for a group of five Christchurch mothers with twins.

But yesterday, it meant getting up close and personal with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine.

The five mums all gave birth to twins 21 to 23 months ago and met either in hospital or at ante-natal classes. They have been friends since, and yesterday morning decided to brave the cold and gather in Latimer Square.

They were easy to spot - five sets of twins lined up in double buggies behind the railing - and it did not take long for them to be plucked from the crowd by a visit official and moved to the centre of Latimer Square.

William and Catherine spent a few minutes chatting to the group with the duchess shaking the babies' hands and smiling.

Jodie Gould, mother of 21-month-olds Keisha and Jesse, said she was still shaking five minutes after speaking to the royal couple. She described the pair as "incredibly down to earth and genuine".

"William asked what having twins was like and said if they ever had twins they would know who to come to for advice.

"It was amazing and I'm over the moon about it."

Before the encounter Kate Ginders said she would have been happy just to catch a glimpse of the couple.

"I think it's particularly exciting now they've got the wee one because it makes it more relevant to what is going on in our lives now because Kate is a mum."

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