Preschooler's exciting story

17:00, Apr 14 2014
Catherine Wilkins
FIT FOR A PRINCE: Timaru’s Catherine Wilkins, 4, who dressed as a princess to watch the royals yesterday in Christchurch – and met Prince William.

The opportunity to see a real princess was too good to miss for one little Timaru girl.

Catherine "Cate" Wilkins and her mother, Rebecca, made the trip to Christchurch yesterday to catch a glimpse of the royals.

It was a long wait in the cold for the 4-year-old, but she goes back to preschool today with an exciting story, as she ended up meeting the prince as well.

According to her mother, Cate loves princesses and dressed for the occasion, wearing a tiara and princess dress.

When they arrived at Latimer Square at 9.45am, Wilkins said they couldn't find anywhere to stand near the fence line.

Luckily, a policeman saw Cate dressed up and escorted them to the front.


Although they were on the opposite side to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William stopped to chat to Cate, who also brought flowers.

"He said, ‘hello, are they for me or Kate?' And Cate got all nervous so I answered, ‘they're for you and Kate'," Wilkins said.

He also told Cate she looked "very pretty" in her outfit.

Wilkins said Cate was excited to meet Prince William and to still be able to see the duchess on the other side.

"We didn't think about Prince William. For him to stop and talk was unexpected," she said.

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