Levin Forecast

Regional tides



Max: 16°C
Min: 10°C

Latest reading

Wind: 11 km/hr.
Rain Today: 8.6
Humidity: 83%

Updated: 26/06 13:45

Today's Forecast

Showers turn to rain afternoon, chance heavy/thunder. NE.

Mon's Forecast

Showers to rain midday,chance heavy,then clears.N turns S.

  Mon Tue Wed
Max 15 15 15
Min 8 6 10


High Tides: 26/06 01:42   26/06 14:12
Height: 2.6m


Yesterday Summary

Max: 15.0°C
Min: 10.8°C
Minimum Grass Temp: 8.5°C
Highest Gust: 17 km/hr.

Monthly Summary

Max: 17.5°C
Min: -0.7°C
Minimum Grass Temp: -3.0°C
Highest Gust: 33 km/hr.
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