Armed woman attacked man and baby

A woman who caused knife wounds to a man and to the 14-month-old baby he was holding at the time has been granted a nine-month home detention term.

The incident which led to Leah Stacey Chandler's arrest took place at a St Albans house on June 17, 2013.

She later pleaded guilty to charges of wounding the man with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and injuring the child with reckless disregard for safety.

Chandler, 24, was alleged to have used a hunting knife in the attack which followed an argument.

At the sentencing in the Christchurch District Court today, Judge Jane Farish noted Chandler could remember little of the incident because she had been so angry at the time.

The judge said she had now received reports covering psychological and physiological issues which meant significant credit could be allowed for Chandler, enabling a home detention sentence to be considered rather than a jail term.

She said that victim impact statements showed that the injuries to the two victims had not been lasting or serious.

The judge imposed home detention at a Nelson address, with special release conditions to apply for six months after her release.

Chandler will have to undergo an assessment for drug and alcohol counselling, treatment, or programmes, complete a Stopping Violence programme, and any other treatment or counselling required by the Probation Service.

She has already received a first-strike warning under the three-strikes legislation that imposes heavier penalties on repeat violent offenders.

She thanked the judge from the dock, when the sentencing was completed.

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