Break in at The Rising Sun

00:06, Nov 24 2012

Nelson pub The Rising Sun was broken into early this morning, with alcohol and charity donations taken.

Owner Marty Coram said he was woken up at 5:30am by the pub's alarm, and when he went down to switch it off the burglars had already left.

''They have smashed the window, climbed in and grabbed what they could, before the alarm went off.''

A small amount of alcohol and money from a Nelson Hospice donation box had been taken, he said.

This was the first time the pub had been broken into in seven years.

Nelson police were taking fingerprints this morning, and Nelson Glass have replaced the smashed window.

Hospice project manager Hamish Kennedy said this was only the third time money from a donation box had been stolen since they were installed around the region 10 years ago.

''Someone has to be pretty low to go and steal Hospice money,'' he said.

The pub will host a pool tournament to raise money for the charity next Saturday night.


The Nelson Mail