A good day to be 12

23:08, Dec 11 2012
12 at 12
Twelve 12 year-olds from Broadgreen Intermediate, left front, Jordan Wood, Maia Thompson, Chardonnay and Tim Bosman, right front, William Fowlie, Troy Jones, Tanesha Waitai, Claire Gilles, Meg Chittenden, Dylan Crick, Levi Pohutuhutu and Banic Hall on the 12th day of the 12th month of the 2012th year.

Today is special, especially if you are 12.

That's because it is 12/12/12, or the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012.

At Broadgreen Intermediate School in Stoke, the pupils aged 12 think they're special.  We asked 12 of them why.

Jordan Wood, who was born on June 12, said: ''Because I'm older than my friends.''

Maia Thompson: ''It's fun, because you go around telling your friends you're 12 when they're 11.''

Chardonnay Heremaia: ''I like being 12 because I'm nearly a teenager.''

Tim Bosman: ''A bad thing about 12 is next year is college, which equals exams.''

Banic Hall, whose birthday is February 12, said: ''I reckon it's quite cool.  My friends are year 8 and they're all 13, and I'm younger and it makes me feel I'm ahead.''

Levi Pohutuhutu: ''It's cool being 12 because everybody else in Nelson Bays rugby reps is 13 or 14.''

Dylan Crick: ''Being 12 means not having as much wrinkles as year 8s.''

Meg Chittenden: ''Twelve is an even number, and I like that.''

Claire Gilles: ''I like that I was born in the year 2000, which was the
start of a new century.''

Tanesha Waitai: ''The number 12 is my favourite.  It's always good to be older than your year 7 friends.''

Troy Jones: ''Being 12 is great because it reminds myself of the year.''
William Fowlie: ''It's good to be born on a new century.''