Top of class

Dr Jane Millar of Nelson Hospital who has graduated with distinction.
Dr Jane Millar of Nelson Hospital who has graduated with distinction.

Nelson Hospital has added a fourth-generation doctor who graduated joint top of her class to its pool of house surgeons.

Dr Jane Millar, 24, who is still getting used to her new title, graduated in medicine from the University of Otago, Christchurch, last weekend with distinction.

Dr Millar and Dr Lizzie Travis, who shared the top student award, both spent the last year as interns at Nelson Hospital.

Dr Millar has stayed on at Nelson after being offered a position as house surgeon and is working in the assessment treatment and rehabilitation ward.

She said she had got into medicine for the people and the problem solving.

''The people, I'm so lucky to be involved with people all day. And there's complex problems you come across, including social issues and mental health.''

Although her great-grandmother, two great-grandfathers, grandmother, grandfather and her father were all doctors, Dr Millar said she had not planned to go down that road. Originally she had thought she would get into microbiology, she said.

''There must be something in the genes somewhere. I really enjoy it, and it's quite a challenge, I enjoy a challenge.''

She was undecided about her specialty but thought she might head into paediatrics and infectious diseases.

Of the eight medical students who ntsG that nte interned at Nelson this year, six have stayed on.

This was a reflection of how great the hospital and staff were, Dr Millar said.

She had wanted to come to Nelson because it was Nelson's smaller hospital which nteoffered more chance to get involved.

''[The staff] are fantastic, everyone's so friendly and really accommodating and they love to teach. I'm so glad I came.''