Shark scare clears Tahuna Beach

23:37, Dec 14 2012

Reports of a 1m shark seen off Rocks Rd cleared Tahunanui Beach of swimmers for a short period this morning.

The Nelson Surf Life Saving Club president Marcus Gardner said the shark was reportedly seen off Rocks Rd after 11am this morning.

Mr Gardner said they had been unable to spot it again.

He said the water was murky and there was a lot of seaweed around and what was seen could have been a seal or seaweed rather than anything more threatening.

He said sharks were in the bay at this time of the year and swimmers had a higher chance of being struck by lightening than getting attacked by one.

"It's one of those things. In reality they are probably there most days of the week and people never see them."

If it was a bronze whaler it was probably chasing fish at this time of the year and would usually stay well away from people, he said.