Yellow hopes to mellow readers with larger font

02:02, Feb 07 2013

Put down your magnifying glasses, this year's Nelson and Bays directory will be easier to read after a return to a larger font size and improved paper.

Last year's Yellow directories were 10 per cent smaller than those in previous years, and users and advertisers alike were quick to complain, saying the versions were hard to read and that advertisements should have been cheaper.

Yellow eventually offered magnifying sheets for readers, about the size of a Visa card, which could be used when reading the directory.

This year's directories, to be delivered in June, will have the same physical size as the 2012 directories but an increased font-size and improved paper, and more pages.

Yellow chief executive Chris Armistead said the change was in response to feedback from members of the community who preferred the old font.

"The font and paper quality are two improvements I'm pleased to announce."

The feedback on the improved directories has been positive, he said.

"Our job at Yellow is to help Kiwis find the information they want, wherever, whenever and however they're searching, be that online, mobile or via a book. Some people don't have internet access or a computer, or they simply prefer the printed book. It's about getting the balance right, in this case for people who rely on our books."


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