Woman sentenced for brandishing blade

18:53, Feb 25 2013

A Nelson woman who was drunk and waved around a 30cm knife in Buxton Sq carpark at 3am has been ordered to do 80 hours' of community work.

Kimberley Wells, 22, admitted a charge of possessing a knife in public when she appeared in the Nelson District Court yesterday.

Prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Johnston said Wells had a 30cm knife in Buxton Sq at 2.50am on Sunday.

Wells presented it to members of the public and started waving it around.

Concerned members of the public phoned police.

Wells approached a security guard and told him she had a knife and police arrived she slipped the knife under the guard's car.


She told police she had the knife to protect herself.

Judge Richard Russell said it really troubled him when people carried knives in public in an intoxicated state.

Murders and serious injuries were caused by people carrying knives.

He said a clear warning needed to go out that the court viewed it very seriously.

Judge Russell sentenced Wells to six months' supervision as well as the community work and made a destruction order for the knife.