Confessions of a Shopaholic hits Nayland Primary

Nayland Primary School's principal,  Board of Trustees, parents, teachers, former parents and the caretaker prepare ...

Nayland Primary School's principal, Board of Trustees, parents, teachers, former parents and the caretaker prepare themselves for the school's parent teacher revue, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Parents and teachers will be dancing in their fishnets this year in Nayland Primary school's annual production.

The parent revue of Confessions of a Shopaholic has been preparing for its debut since May last year and with just weeks to go, the cast is on track for a show to remember.

In its eighth year, productions at the school have been a popular annual night out for locals.

Nayland Primary School principal Janice Gulbransen said the production "has got a name for itself over time and people look forward to the show being on".

Confessions of a Shopaholic will have three shows with 300 seats available each night and the tickets are almost sold out.

"Ticket sales have been amazing. We're thrilled with the support."

Gulbransen hoped to raise more than $30,000 from the fundraiser with the money going towards landscaping and improving play spaces in the school.

Not to be confused with the book, Confessions of a Shopaholic, the cabaret style, lip-sync production was written by a staff member at the school and promised to be full of "fun, laughter and hilarity with some motivated and enthusiast performers".

Involving a bit of adult humour, Gulbransen said there was a "fantastic script that goes with it and pulls all the dancing together".

Nayland Kindergarten head teacher and production director Margie Meleisea said with a cast of 39, it was the biggest show they had had in the eight years of performances.

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She said most of the cast weren't dancers but they were giving it their all.

"There's probably two or three in the whole cast who may have done dancing when they were younger but it's just a whole lot of parents who have a passion for it, wanting to have fun.

"It's a great way of building a sense of fun in the community and it's kind of nice to see parents have something for themselves but also doing something for the school at the same time.

"Just seeing the smile on their faces and the reward of it is awesome."

After taking part in all the productions, Meleisea called it "a bit addictive really.

"As well as the cast, I just love seeing different parents come along and have a good time."

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