Rachel Reese wins Nelson mayoralty

REESE'S RACE: Rachel Reese celebrates her election win with friends, family and supporters in Nelson on Saturday. From left, Crissie Noonan, Gaile Noonan, Joel Harden, Rachel Reese, Richard Harden, Jean Hadley and Andrea Shepperson.
REESE'S RACE: Rachel Reese celebrates her election win with friends, family and supporters in Nelson on Saturday. From left, Crissie Noonan, Gaile Noonan, Joel Harden, Rachel Reese, Richard Harden, Jean Hadley and Andrea Shepperson.

Rachel Reese has made history by becoming Nelson's first woman mayor, leading her nearest rival Aldo Miccio by almost 1500 votes to clinch the job in what was a convincing win, campaign supporter William Dahlberg said.

Ms Reese won 7477 votes, Aldo Miccio 6048, Brian McGurk 3018 and Richard Osmaston 308 votes, results similar to those in an online poll conducted by the Nelson Mail earlier this month.

Surrounded by close friends and family in central Nelson today, Ms Reese said she was humbled by the result.

''It's huge. It's a real honour to be elected Mayor of Nelson. People have put their faith and confidence in it, and it's now my job to live up to that.''

The Nelson Mail was turned away from premises where Mr Miccio and his supporters were gathered this afternoon.

He later said in a phone call that the campaign had been a good battle and he congratulated Ms Reese on her win.

''I wish her all the best for running the city over the next three years.  

''I wish her and the city all the best."

Council at large (12 vacancies) * denotes sitting Councillor:

                                                                                            Votes received

MCGURK, Brian                                                                                      9,572

LAWREY, Matt                   Independent                                              8,817

*RAINEY, Pete                                                                                      6,726

*FULTON, Kate                                                                                      6,497

NOONAN, Gaile                                                                                     6,306

ACLAND, Luke                                                                                       6,201

*MATHESON, Paul                                                                                5,976

*BARKER, Ian                                                                                       5,932

*WARD, Mike                                                                                         5,739

SKINNER, Tim                                                                                       5,688

*COPELAND, Ruth                                                                                5,679

*DAVY, Eric K                                                                                        5,674


SHAW, Derek                                                                                            5,496

BRAND, Trudie                     A Strong Voice for Nelson                              5,086

ROBERTSON, Kent                                                                                    5,003

WALKER, John                      Independent                                                 4,826

THOMPSON, Gaire                                                                                     4,636

MARSHALL, Colleen                                                                                   4,154

NEES, Derek                                                                                             3,742

GARDENER, Kevin                                                                                     3,690

ROBERTSON, Colin Donald   Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand            3,635

BATT, Cindy                         Independent                                                 3,607

ARMSTRONG, John               Independent                                                 3,389

CORLETT, Lee                                                                                           3,382

SHACKLETON, Joy                                                                                     2,961

MCKEGNEY, Rob                   Independent                                                 2,890

EDWARDS, Jean                                                                                       2,749

BRIGGS, Hugh                     Independent                                                 2,539

CORNELISSEN, Rosina                                                                              2,026

O'BRIEN, Graeme                 TPPA Action Group                                         1,914

HORN, Carl                           Independent Green                                       1,878

HOULISTON, Owen J                                                                                 1,785

PAHL, Brent                                                                                              1,727

SIATAGA KAVANAGH, Robbie Positive Vision                                              1,675


INFORMAL                                                                                                     91

BLANK VOTING PAPERS