Trampers 'did all the right things'

A 59-year-old Southland woman has been rescued from the Travers Saddle in the Nelson Lakes area after injuring her ankle today.

The woman was a member of a party of eight, tramping between the Upper Travis hut and the West Sabine hut when she slipped on snowgrass.

The group activated a personal locator beacon hired from the St Arnaud Alpine Store when the woman was unable to continue the tramp. The beacon signal was received by the Rescue Co-ordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) at 11am, with the Nelson Rescue Helicopter on the scene at 11.50am.

RCCNZ Search and Rescue Mission co-ordinator Chris Wilson said the woman and an uninjured companion were winched aboard and flown to Nelson Hospital.

"They've done all the right things - hired a beacon and stuck to the route they said they would be following," she said. 

"That's made all the difference in ensuring this incident was resolved quickly." 

The Nelson Mail