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Last updated 09:54 16/10/2009
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From fashion, forestry and financial planning to dairying, decorating and dining out, Nelson Mail advertising features provide an effective and inexpensive medium for local businesses to connect with readers and target potential customers.  Editorial content is a key ingredient in each feature, profiling participating businesses and informing readers about aspects of the featured topic. 


The team behind the Mail’s features - Marty Barlow, Sheryl White and Jeremy Irons - brings an incredibly diverse range of skills, experience and understanding to the task of helping advertisers achieve the most from their participation.  Collectively they have experience in business management, hospitality, fashion, education, retailing, IT, e-commerce, tourism and marketing.

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The team draws upon this combined knowledge to create topical, relevant and engaging features that interest readers and work for advertisers.  “We really believe in the effectiveness of advertising features and work hard to ensure that they achieve the best possible results for our clients,” says team leader Marty Barlow.  “Often a feature is the direct result of our consultation with advertisers regarding content, timing and presentation of the feature to suit the intended market.”

The Nelson Mail’s feature advertising rate includes colour is lower than the newspaper’s standard colour rate.  This, combined with the Mail’s free ad production service, means even the smallest business can achieve good exposure in the marketplace. 

To find out how you can reach your target market through features advertising, give Raeonie, Sheryl or Jeremy a call today.



Marty Barlow: features sales manager


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Sheryl White: features consultant

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Jeremy Irons: features consultant

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