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You're never too old or too fat to uncover the competitor within. The Nelson Mail's Peter Gibbs helps readers to overcome their fears and discover the pleasures and benefits of being fit.

It's autumn, but stay off the sofa

12:00pm 11 Apr 2014


The start of autumn possibly marks the annual peak in the fitness of the average body.

We've had all summer to be out and active and as the days grow shorter we'll be more inclined to skip that run or bike ride in favour of cowering on the couch.

Don't let that happen yet - there's a lot of exercising still to be done. Even if you're not a finely tuned athlete, there are many events to enjoy coming up.

On Sunday it's the City2Saxton Run, Roll and Stroll. Running or strolling are easy to figure out. The roll option is for those on small wheels - skateboards, roller blades, skates, wheelchairs or mobility scooters (not bikes though).

The event starts at Victory Community Centre and gives you a tour of the fine shared pathways between Nelson and Richmond.

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Stay active: Move it or lose it

12:00pm 04 Apr 2014


Who knows when various bits of your body start to deteriorate? The wonder is that so much of it stays functional for so long.

If you're motivated to stay fit and don't have any unpleasant accidents or illnesses you can stay active for far longer than earlier generations seemed to think possible.

We're all so different that it's hard to generalise, but I've found that with enough motivation to keep exercising, most of my bodily parts have kept doing the things I asked of them for 65 years.

I think I made a mistake in deciding to take a break over the summer.

Although I kept swimming, I dropped running to just the occasional jog every week or two and didn't seem to find time to ride a bike at all.

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Haulashore race last of sea swims

05:00am 28 Mar 2014


The summer sea swim season is almost over.

The Port Nelson swim series, held every Thursday night, finished a week ago.

All that remains is the final race in the Clements Endurance Series - The Haulashore Circuit - to be held on Sunday.

It's quite liberating to swim out through The Cut and around the back of the island.

Returning around the southwestern toe of Haulashore is always an adventure.

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Healthy fun in sea swim series

05:00am 21 Mar 2014


I've written a lot about sea swimming lately.

There's two reasons for that.

For one, I've given up active participation in the other sports I've been involved in for more than 30 years, so it's hard to say so much about them just now.

Whether that's temporary or permanent remains to be seen.

It's not that I'm so dedicated to swimming - it's just that I worry if I give up everything I'll move into permanent couch potato mode and at my age that's a tough one to come back from.

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Summer's gone, now for the autumn events

12:00pm 14 Mar 2014

Summer has raced by. Last night it was the final Port Nelson Sea Swim of the summer. Last Sunday, the final triathlon.

After tomorrow's pub run from Verdict Bar, there'll only be two more.

It's time to look to autumn events, but before that I have to mention the wonderful triathlon at Rabbit Island last weekend.

I stuck to my avowed intention to have a summer off racing - not difficult when you've become a couch potato.

I went out with a camera to take some photos.

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