Inbox: the week on the web

23:34, Feb 28 2012

Happy Friday everyone!                                                                            

1. Two Simpsons-related links: An interactive map of every destination the Simpsons have visited over the course of 500 episodes, and Grantland's favourite moments of the series.

2. A huge bunch of David Foster Wallace material to celebrate what would have been his 50th birthday. Wade in, children.

3. It's not a trap, I swear. Here's an interview with the man who voiced the Rebel's favourite crustacean, Admiral Ackbar.

4. Autistic children and established artists draw how they experience the world. Incredible.

5. Food, rappers and puns : The website for Atlanta's Bon Rappetite has everything I like.

PS: This is quite old, but it's still amazingly humbling/inspiring/depressing: Every world press photo winner from 1955 to 2011.

What have you got?