Inbox: the week on the web

So it's been a while since I've done one of these, and the week is technically not quite over, but I thought for the non-religious, it might be good to have some online activities to enjoy on your Good Friday.

1. Go look at some art. Thanks Google.

2. A panoramic time lapse view out of Hitchcock's Rear Window. Man, I don't know how to react to this.

3. Aaron Sorkin, Jeff Bridges, journalism, swearing, intense music: this trailer (and new HBO series) has it all.

4. Inspired by writer and "media inventor" Robin Sloan's iOS app Fish, which explores the difference between "liking" and "loving" something on the internet, The Atlantic is compiling a list of the best of the web. They are looking for the stuff you always come back to, rather than the flavour of the month - or, more likely these days - the flavour of the moment. Make your submission here. Personally, I will always come back to this List of Common Misconceptions Wikipedia page, and I will never, ever, tire of the following YouTube clip.

5. Chicago public radio show This American Life recently came under fire for broadcasting a story by performer and anti-Apple activist Mike Daisey. It was the broadcast of a monologue which describes Mr Daisey's trip to the Apple manufacturers in China, and it would seem large parts of it are basically made up. If you haven't heard the show's Retraction episode, you should listen to it right now because it's compelling radio, link here. If you have heard it, this week's episode on campaign financing in the United States is absolutely incredible also. I think I'm possibly too enamoured with host Ira Glass as well.