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Last updated 08:39 20/04/2012
Allegedly it is Friday today, so I suppose it's time for some links. Here are at least five:

1. If you like videos that make you furious, and then furious rants about said videos that you can furiously agree with, this is your link. Nike made what I guess was supposed to be an inspiring viral video, but instead created what is arguably the worst, most condescending, evidently expensive, trash I have ever seen. Watch it if you don't mind an elevated blood pressure. Warning: plenty of swears in this link, but all of them are justified.

2. Here's a trailer for Looper, the new film by the guy who made Brick - if you haven't seen that film you should leave work immediately and go watch it. Looper has Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yay!) and Bruce Willis (hmmmm...), and looks awesome!


This appearance of hip-hop legend Tupac at last weekend's Coachella festival made headlines everywhere - which is fair enough, given he's been dead for quite some time now. Here's how it was made, here's Holo-Pac's Twitter account, here's the 2013 all-holo-Coachella line-up, and here's one of many, many silly gifs.

4. A list of the best journalism from last year, because why not?

5. An overview of Community creator's Dan Harmon's early career, with videos!
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Craig   #1   10:14 am Apr 20 2012

That 2pac hologram is the thin edge of a depressing wedge. I predict a Beatles reunion within 5 years, Nirvana within 10.

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