Inbox: the week on the web

Eight links this week. Eight!

1. First, a beautiful time lapse video of the earth, with an explanation.

2. It's Upfronts time again - where US TV networks desperately try to convince advertisers and a rabid army of TV bloggers that they have any idea what the hell they're doing by showing off their new shows. A round-up of the best at Videogum or Grantland, according to your taste. These are the shows you'll either pirate in six months or see on NZ TV channels in three years, long after they've been cancelled.

3. The first post in a series devoted to the costumes of The Avengers. No spoilers if you've yet to see it. I finally got around to it on Monday, twas good but I would've preferred the movie to be replaced by footage of Mark Ruffalo walking around being generally awesome.

4. An interactive dealie from Google that shows you how an email is sent.

5. The time Pixar almost deleted Toy Story 2.

6. Oddly fascinating - a live map showing real-time purchases on UK book site The Book Depository.

7. Wes Anderson answers Slate readers' questions.

8. Finally, Shadows skating - yes!