Inbox: the week on the web

22:51, Jun 07 2012

Weekly links from the internet, once again!

1. This week's "cool international event that brought us all together" was the transit of Venus. Here's a really cool video from NASA, via The Atlantic. Pretty good Lord of the Rings-style dramatic music too.



Here's a Buzzfeed gallery of a bunch of people staring at the transit.

2. The transcript of David Simon's commencement address at his old high school. And in case you missed it, here's an excellent piece from Simon, where he remembers an old mentor from his days in the journalism game. The Nelson Mail's venerable senior sports reporter Wayne Martin described it as: "excellent". High praise.

3. 32 innovations that will change your tomorrow - an interesting selection of new ideas in a well-presented format (love the colour change as you scroll down) from The New York Times.

4. Everyone's favourite post-modern NBC comedy Community may not be the same when it comes back next season - due the firing of series creator Dan Harmon - but it certainly went out with a bang, with an episode partly set in an 16-bit game. In typical Community fan fashion, Reddit user Derferman has gone all out and made the game for real. Download it here, before the NBC lawyers shut it down for intellectual property violation. It's streets ahead!

5. This has been everywhere, but I saw it first on the inimitable The Wire: The Musical, complete with original cast members.

6. Finally, the Photoshop Troll.

Yours please?