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Last updated 10:38 17/08/2012

According to a new study by the University of California, the average US citizen consumes 100,500 words every day. If that study holds true here - Jeez. Here's a few more. I'll try to be brief.


Stephen Fry explains what he wishes he had known when he was 18. Kinda long, but it's Stephen Fry!

Kind of video-ish - open this link on your iPhone (or any smartphone, but no guarantees) and enjoy an accelerometer-enhanced Mars Street View, courtesy of the Curiousity Rover and NASA.


Redditors suggest music for a girl who just re-gained her hearing. Kind of the best thing ever.

The Atlantic explains how dogs get so dry so soon after a bath. Finally!

Other stuff

The best memes of the Olympics. The "McKayla is not impressed" one is a particular favourite.

The Curiosity Rover - in Lego.

- Nelson

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craig   #1   02:23 pm Aug 17 2012

Sucks taht Mckayla will only be known for that bitchface alone when you consider she pulled this off on the same day

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