Inbox: The week on the web

A small, but perfectly formed, offering this week.


Readwriteweb counts down 15 YouTube videos that changed the world.


Honestly, I've spent my free time this week reading (and finishing, finally!) Infinite Jest, so haven't read many other long pieces. Malcolm Gladwell's piece on child molesters is sure to be interesting reading, though I can't imagine it being very uplifting. Also, this is from last week, but is quite amazing: meet Elon Musk, the crazy industrialist who formed the basis of Jon Favreau's rendition of Iron Man.

Other stuff

This week's XKCD cartoon blew my mind when it popped up the other day. If it's not obvious from the title, click on the biggest panel, and drag, and you'll see there's a lot more going on than first appears. Here's a big version - but I reckon you should have an explore before you resort to that. Seriously awesome stuff. I can't recommend it enough.

The new version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS6, came out yesterday. While it's all shiny and new (here's a list of all the hidden features, too) there are aspects that people are not happy with - notably, they've gone and bloody changed the Maps app to use their own data rather than Google's. It turns out this makes it less detailed in some cases, and plain wrong in others. Here's a tumblr chronicling the worst offences. I downloaded it last night, and it seems to look fine for Nelson, but I've yet to actually open it with a purpose. If you're super concerned about it, you can still get most of the same functionality by opening Safari and going to, then saving that page to your homescreen.