Inbox: The week on the web

20:30, Oct 25 2012

Links both old and new, enjoy them all!


The Onion TED talks - just as painful as you might expect.

VIEW SOURCE (I've only seen it capitalised) is a new email newsletter that offers one good YouTube video every day. It's quite good - here's one from this morning: Tom Hanks performing Full House Slam Poetry.


The CIA burglar who went rogue. Pretty much what it sounds like.

Wired takes a look at everyone's favourite political scandal factory, Kim Dotcom.

Other stuff

Microsoft's Surface tablet/computer/thing, the company's big hope to remain relevant, has been released to reviewers - ReadWrite has a summary of the responses - they are... mixed, to say the least.

Ever wonder what was it like to be a telephone operator on the night of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds? If so, that's a strange thing to think about, but wonder no more!

Two excellent pop-culture mash-ups - Kanye Wes Anderson, and Arrested Westeros.