Inbox: The week on the web

This week: Pranks, Larry, Playboy and Cheetahs - sounds like a weird legal practice when you put it that way.


This prank from a Brazilian hidden-camera show is just cruel. 

Hey now! The 10 best episodes of the Larry Sanders show. But you should really watch them all because it's an incredible show.

Check out this video of a Cheetah running in slow-motion.


Six of the best Playboy interviews.

Other stuff

Which Bond villain's plans would have worked? An economist takes a look. I'd forgotten how absurd some of them were - one wanted to distribute heroin through a chain of restaurants.

An onslaught of end of year lists is on its way - here's The New York Times with the best books from the year, The Listener with the same, and Buzzfeed with the best Tumblr blogs started this year (Chandler Dances on Things is a particular favourite).