Inbox: The Week on the Web

20:37, Dec 06 2012

Web-editor Lee isn’t here this week, so if you’re not seeing this blog, I apologise.


Look at this Instagram - Nickleback’s classic track Photograph (who could forget the first time they heard that) adapted for the modern age by College Humour. “Lo-fiiiii, lo-fiiii.”

Little Sebastian is dead, and everyone is a suspect - the Parks and Recreation murder mystery super-cut.


I finally put aside a couple of hours late last night to read Texas Monthly’s widely acclaimed story “The Innocent Man” (Part 1, Part 2). I very much suggest you do the same. It’ll take a while, so make a pot of tea or something.

Vice goes long on the Zapruder Film.

David Foster Wallace on what words really mean. For example:

A paradoxical noun because it refers to a kind of beauty but is itself one of the ugliest words in the language. Same goes for the adj. form pulchritudinous. They’re part of a tiny elite cadre of words that possess the opposite of the qualities they denote. Diminutive, big, foreign, fancy (adj.), classy, colloquialism, and monosyllabic are some others; there are at least a dozen more. Inviting your school-age kids to list as many paradoxical words as they can is a neat way to deepen their relationship to English and help them see that words are both symbols for real things and real things themselves.

Other stuff

Buzzfeed has the most powerful images of the year.