Inbox: The Week on the Web

Some links for you, from me.


It feels a bit weird to post something so “World’s Wildest Videos Volume XV”, but this video is genuinely entertaining, so here it is: Driving in Russia - it’s insane.

Check out Rainn Wilson’s online series Metaphysical Milkshake - try this Open Culture post first up. It’s great!


You should probably stop whatever it is you’re doing and read this series of stories from the Tampa Bay Times about a premature baby’s fight for survival. Seriously affecting stuff.

Storyboard - Tumblr’s feature showcase - is always incredible, and this post showing Sesame Street’s response to divorce is no exception. It’s beautifully laid out as well.

A blistering post from The Oatmeal responding to this take-down piece from Buzzfeed.

Other stuff

Poynter’s best (and worst) corrections of the year are wincingly beautiful. My favourite is from the Atlantic and relating to actress Jennifer Grey:

This post originally referred to Jennifer Grey as “Ferris Bueller’s sister.” As commenters have pointed out, her role alongside Swayze in Dirty Dancing is clearly the more relevant. We regret putting Baby in a corner.

Apps! Update your Instagram and Twitter apps if you haven’t already. They’re now both a lot better, and with Twitter’s new photo filters feature, a lot more competitive. While you’re at it - download Google’s Maps app. It’s finally here and it’s a lot better than Apple’s native Maps.

The New York Times has a cool fancy web dealie.

Also, this is a pretty good list of the top music stuff happening this year, courtesy of the list master, Buzzfeed.