Ecstasy and chocolate cake

00:42, Oct 13 2012

You see, hear and read all sorts of things doing this job, but last night was the first time I had seen a man make love to a chocolate cake.

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to take Vachel Spirason as Angus, a socially-awkward outcast with mismatched socks.

The promo for Spirason's  show, The Hermitude of Angus, Ecstastic, likened him to a modern day Mr Bean, and I have never been much of a fan of Rowan Atkinson's hammy-ness.

I tend to cringe at that sort of awkward humour, and anything that's too silly. I think I probably take life too seriously. 

So it was with a bit of trepidation and a glass of wine that I sat down in the second row last night. 


Spirason, a lanky Greek-looking fellow, launched straight into his comic routine.

We learnt a lot about Angus, a lonely man - possibly a genius - with very few friends, and some amazing dance moves.

We also met a range of other characters in Angus' life, from the librarian to the squeegee man with a penchant for literature.

We met his older self, his mother, a receptionist, and his evil and moustached alter-ego.

Spirason brought them all to life with amazing facials, different voices, and physical comedy. 

My personal highlight was the cake incident, which is apparently what happens when you try and read a book on baking and a raunchy novel at the same time.

Spirason is incredibly clever, absurd, and had me grinning and forgetting the busyness of the working week within minutes.

At the end of the show, Angus gave the audience two options, written on a piece of cardboard: 1) You can leave; 2) You can dance.

And dance they did.