The drinking problem

03:26, Sep 05 2012

I have a problem - I get wobbly when I drink.

Don't worry, I’m not referring to any alcoholic tendencies. I’m talking about trying to balance while riding on two very thin wheels, taking one hand off the handlebars and removing my drink bottle from its holder.
It’s really difficult.

It shouldn’t be, but it is, which means I tend to ride a fairly long way with no fluids.

I’ve decided that being thirsty is less of a problem than veering out in front of a car or losing my balance and tipping over in the middle of the road.

Obviously, this is something I need to work on, because keeping up fluids while riding, particularly now I’m doing the whole 42km, is kind of important.

Does anyone have any tips? Is there some trick to being able to do all these things at once and still look like a ‘‘real biker’’?


The next question then is: what’s in your drink bottle?

What are the best things to eat and drink before you go for, or are on, a ride?

The most obvious answer is, as always, lots of water.  But do you spike it with something?

A little bit of blue PowerAde powder or a specially mixed energy booster? Do these things actually work?

Being just under two weeks out from the ride, I should probably start playing around and seeing if things make a difference. I’m sure waiting until the race and then releasing I hate the taste of the drink would not be a good thing.

Then there’s food.

My plan at the moment is to get up extra early on the morning before the race and cook a decent breakfast.

I’m thinking bacon and mushrooms on toast - no eggs though, they smell horrid.

This means I should be fuelled up and have had time for it all to digest before I start.

Then, a few weeks ago, someone mentioned eating while you ride.

The whole idea of it is a little foreign to me. I’d never even considered having snacks in my snazzy back pockets to eat while I’m racing. Why would I feel like eating if I’m furiously pedalling away? Won’t I get stitch?

And then there’s the problem of what food!

Being someone with a very sweet tooth my first thought would be something yummy and full of sugar. Which perhaps isn’t a bad idea - that would give you a pretty quick energy boost, right?

Carbs would seem to be the best thing for energy, so maybe that’s the way to go. But it would probably be best to stock up on these prior to the race, not during.

Then again, the ride is only a couple of hours - do I really need to worry too much? No matter how much I eat I’m pretty sure I’ll be shattered and will be going home, having a hot bath, then crawling into bed in the early afternoon for a nap.

So, what are your best food and drink tips for riding? What should I try out?

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