Ready, set ... Go!

00:43, Sep 14 2012

Six weeks just disappears doesn’t it?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was perching precariously on my borrowed bike for the first time thinking‘‘What on earth have I got myself into?!’’

This week my thoughts have been on a similar track.

I’ve had blocked sinuses, a pounding headache and a hacking cough to boot and why? Because I was so dedicated to my biking cause that I went out for a ride on Monday, despite a forecast of ‘‘possible showers’’.

After 20-something years of reading the weather predictions you would think I would be smart enough to realise that ‘‘possible’’ means ‘‘totally going to happen’’.

Still, I got about 10km along before the showers began which was good. 10km back in on-again off-again showers seemed dedicated at the time - and plain silly when I got home and couldn’t stop shivering.


However, never fear. Although I’ve been tucked up snuggly and warm in bed by about 8.30pm every night this week with a hot Lemsip, I will still be competing come Sunday.

I was feeling pretty confident on Monday night, to tell you the truth.

I’ve got my trendy padded bike shorts - in black, no less.

Honestly, they are a godsend, why I thought I could ride a few weeks before purchasing a pair is beyond me. I should have got some before I even found a bike!

Because I’ve been honest so far , I should probably admit to another embarrassing fall.

I was on my way home and had only a couple of kilometres to go. I came across the Matai River overbridge, heading towards Paru Paru Road and, feeling quite confident, decided to try and navigate my way down the little windy path, on to the road without unclipping.

I did well, until I hit the log planter. I managed to get my front wheel over then I lost control and fell into a bush.

I’m quite sure I heard laughter, most likely at my expense, but I wasn’t able to see who it was. Hopefully my misfortune brightened their day a little though.

I can’t believe I’m actually going to compete in a race in two days!

I think (hope) I’m prepared.

I’ve got the shorts and a snazzy top. It’s a Nelson Mail top no less, bright blue and red, so anyone watching will be able to spot me immediately.

Also, I arrived at work today and the lovely Peter Gibbs gave me a gift. Kathmandu arm warmers!!

I’m quite excited, not least because my Mail top is short sleeved, and I fear it might rain on Sunday.

Obviously I can wear my thermal underneath, but it’s hard to roll you sleeves both up and down if you get too warm from going lightning fast.

Don’t worry, there will be pictures so you can see how awesome I look.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather, but, even if it’s bucketing down, I’ll be there.

To those of you who have sponsored my so far - Thankyou!! I’ve got nearly $200 to give to Hospice, which is brilliant.

If you would like to donate, the gates are still open and will be for at least another week. You can donate here

So to those of you who are racing on Saturday - Good luck!!

If you do spot me before or after the race, even if you’re there supporting someone, do come and say ‘hello’.