DVDs for Daffodil House

02:44, Jan 26 2012
Lynette Stevenson
BLOWN AWAY: Lynette Stevenson with some of the hundreds of DVDs readers of The Leader have donated to the Cancer Society's Daffodil House.

Cancer patients staying at Daffodil House in Christchurch will soon have a DVD library with over 300 titles to choose from thanks to the generosity of readers of The Leader.

Two weeks ago we published a story about Nelson cancer survivor Lynette Stevenson's call for people to donate DVDs to the Cancer Society's centre where people from outside Canterbury can stay while receiving cancer treatment.

Lynette, managing director of United Travel in Nelson, spent five weeks at Daffodil House while undergoing treatment for breast cancer late last year. The centre is funded entirely though donations and during her time there Lynette decided each of its 23 units could do with its own DVD player. Daffodil House already had four and Lynette talked friends and businesses into buying 19 more.

Then, through the pages of The Leader, she asked the public to donate DVDs so people at Daffodil House could have something to watch.

As of last Monday more than 280 titles had been dropped off at United Travel in Trafalgar St and $200 worth of donations had been received.

"We had at least half a dozen people come in the day the paper came out," Lynette said.


She said within four days of the paper being published there were bags of DVDs all over the office.

"I could hardly get to my desk. It brought tears to my eyes," she said.

Lynette said more than 30 different people of all ages have dropped off DVDs.

"It's been everybody from children upwards. They're complete strangers, I hardly knew anybody who came in and donated," she said.

"And there is such a good selection. There's something for everyone, from opera to war movies to Thomas the Tank Engine."

Lynette said the $200 has been donated by a number of people who wanted to help but didn't have any DVDs. She said $50 of that money will be spent on new multi-plug boards to make operating the new DVD players at Daffodil House possible and the rest will be spent on recent releases. She said Video Ezy in Stoke has offered her a discount on newer titles and has offered to donate some more DVDs to the library as well.

To top it off, TNL International has offered to transport the collection to Daffodil House for free.

Lynette, who plans to keep accepting DVDs for the foreseeable future, wants to thank everyone who has contributed.
"I'm totally blown away by the kindness of strangers."